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Caught! Prince Jackson & Cousin Jermajesty Spotted Leaving L.A. Massage Parlor — 12 Reasons Why The Family Is Worried
prince jackson & Cousin Jermajesty

Prince and Jermajesty, who is the 14-year-old son of Jackson 5 member Jermaine Jackson, were spotted leaving the Royal Massage Spa in Los Angeles on May 19 looking relaxed.

- "Prince's bad boy behavior is continually getting worse," says the source.
- "No one in the family can seem to keep him contained and it is starting to scare everyone," the source says.

The Royal Massage Spa is listed on several sites known for adult activities, such as and An LAPD rep told Radar, however, that no illegal activity has ever been reported there.

- It looks like they left the door open for the Jackson boys!
- "Prince and Jermajesty are bad news for each other," a Jackson insider tells Radar.

As Radar previously reported, the now adult son of late singer Michael Jackson has been causing commotion within his family lately and his reckless behavior seems to be just getting worse!

According to the source, "The fact that they were seen leaving this massage parlor together has the family extremely concerned for them."

As Radar previously reported, "Prince is already being kept away from his younger sister Paris because he is such a bad influence on her."

"Everyone is hoping for a miracle because if Michael were still alive he would be very upset by the way his son is acting out," says the source.

- Following their visit to the spa, Prince and Jermajesty went to Jack-in-the-Box and refreshed with a milkshake!
- "Unfortunately, Prince is now an adult and there is not too much that can be done," the source adds.

Late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s son, Prince Jackson, 18, was spotted leaving a massage parlor in L.A. with his 14-year-old cousin, Jermajesty, on May 19, and a source close to the Jackson family tells exclusively that “the family is extremely concerned over the visit.” Click through these 12 photos to learn why the family is fuming.

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