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11. Five to 11 hens are crammed into tiny wire “battery” cages.
Overcrowded Battery Cage

On average, each hen has less living space than a standard piece of printer paper.

12. The cages are often stacked on top of one another …
Egg Farm Investigation
Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

13. … which allows urine and feces to fall down onto birds in the lower cages.
Egg Farm Feces Piles

These large piles of feces below the cages are common on some egg farms.

14. Because of the terrible living conditions, chickens often die in their cages.
Dead Chicken in a Battery Cage on an Egg Farm

15. They are sometimes left to rot in the same space with living birds.
Dead Chicken

16. After about two years, those who have survived are sent to slaughter.
Chickens on the Truck to Slaughter

17. At the slaughterhouse, laying hens meet the same bloody end as that of chickens raised for their meat.
Chickens on a Truck at the Slaughterhouse

18. They are shackled and hung upside down …
shackled chickens

19. … they are electrocuted …
heads dunked

20. … their throats are cut …

21. … and they are often scalded to death.
chickens getting scalded

Chickens are smart, social, sensitive animals who deserve a much better life than this. Help chickens everywhere by refusing to eat eggs. And if you think more people need to see where their eggs comes from, share this page on Facebook.

You Lie Because You Are Scared