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1. It takes approximately 34 hours for a hen to produce an egg.
A Mother Chicken and Her Chicks

2. So to keep up with demand, more than 300 million hens are used by the U.S. egg industry every year.
Chickens in Battery Cages on an Egg Farm

3. Their lives are two years of misery, starting right when they are born.
Chicks in a Hatchery

4. Chicks are born in large incubators such as these.
Chicks on a Factory Farm

5. They will never see their mothers.
Chicks on a Factory Farm

6. Shortly after birth, the males and females are separated.
Sexing Baby Chicks

Mercy for Animals

7. The females head to a life in the egg industry …
Chickens in Battery Cages on an Egg Farm

8. … and the males are either tossed into trash bags to suffocate …
Chicks on a Factory Farm

9. … or ground up alive.
Chicks Ground Up Alive

Mercy for Animals

More than 100 million male chicks are killed by the egg industry every year.

10. The female chicks have the ends of their beaks cut off with a hot blade.
Debeaking in the Egg Industry

Mercy for Animals

This is done so that they don’t hurt each other out of frustration during their intense confinement.

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