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By Eurosport may 22, 2015

Linesman's bizarre decision to disallow clear goal is probably a lament about the intransigence of life
There's surely no other explanation for this Melgar v Loreto goal being disallowed in Peru.

A linesman in Peru has had football fans across the globe reaching trying to figure out what is going through his head.

The official in question was running the line at the Peruvian top flight match between Sport Loreto and Melgar when, just 11 minutes in, Melgar winger Eduardio Uribe fired the ball into the six-yard box after a blazing run down the right flank.

It proved to be a terrible cross - but a superb shot, the ball flying at a tricky angle over the head of Loreto goalie Jaime Rivera, who flapped ineffectively as the ball flew into the net.

He was miles onside, and a good couple of yards inside the edge of the pitch, so much so that we can surely rule out human error. But what could his motivation be?

Was this a bold statement of support for a hitherto-unknown alternative to the offside rule, which insists all shots must be taken from within a player's own half?

Was it an ironic comment on the nature of match officials' totalitarian power over the players, and indeed even each other given the way the lino insisted on overruling the referee?

Or possibly it was a lament for the limitations and futility of human life, and in particular the intransigence of success and failure, like the famous 'Mandala' of Tibet's Buddhist months who spend weeks creating pictures from grains of sand, then sweep them away never to be seen again?

There is, of course, option four: the chap was an utter imbecile who should get a lifetime ban from touching flags (or whistles). But as anyone who's read or seen Life of Pi will understand, believing in option four will needlessly undermine your sense of wonder at the world and its all possibilities.

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