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Tuesday 5 May 2015 by Orla Tiffney
You can tell Beam to do what you want it to do when something you define happens

There is an entity currently standing out amongst the white noise of Kickstarter: Beam. Beam is the smart projector that is versatile, portable and designed to be fully compatible with a smartphone or tablet. Not only does it assist you with huge assortment of daily activities, it’s a well designed product with innovative features.

Beam can be screwed into any ordinary light socket. The projector has the ability to turn any flat surface into a big screen. If you’re the type who says, “yeah, whatever, I don’t really care to project Netflix whilst I relax in the bath,” luckily Beam is much more than a one-trick, projection pony. It is from the “Internet of Things”-era, turning tables into boardgames, walls into digital art and bedroom ceilings into weather reports.
Beam is a portable, smart projector that can be screwed into any light socket

Beam also has the technology to apply “ifs” and “thens” to demands you would like to have met. So, for instance, “if” I come home late from work, “then” display on the wall the menu for my favourite pizza delivery place. “If” it is a night before a deadline “then” remind me not to go to bed before 5am. “If” I bring all my friends to my house after a night out “then” begin the playlist I made so nobody can play anything other than Madonna. Regardless of what it is you want in life: possibilities, meet endless.

According to their timeline, the engineers still have Beam in the works, fine-tuning bits and pieces for user experience, as well as expanding on its functionality base. That being said, it should be assembled and delivered around October 2015 to those who helped back the campaign. It can also be preordered at for $429.

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