Post link 21 June 2014, 19:15
Oleg Mikheyev, a member of the Russian parliament, recently proposed a ban on high heels. Personally, we would take that as a declaration of war– you can’t can’t come between a woman and her vertiginous heels.
But according to The Times Of India, Mikheyev made his proposal because he “cares” and wants to “protect [Russian women] against any deformities, flat feet and other afflictions. Now we know what you’re thinking, “another lawmaker trying to regulate what a woman can and can’t do with her body.” But Mikheyev isn’t just concerning himself with women footwear but that of men as well. In his proposal he asserts that “the harmful effects of wearing extremely high heels and flat shoes have now been recognized by experts of the entire world. It’s necessary to change this trend.”
His proposal calls for women “heels that are two to four centimetres high, five centimetres high at the most.” That’s a maximum height of two inches! As for the men, he is targeting heelless footwear claiming “fashionable canvas sneakers, loafers, moccasins without heels are also dangerous to health,” reports The Moscow Times.
But don’t think the women of Russia are sitting idly by. The Times Of India reported that the proposal has caused quite a stir with plans of protest should high heels be banned. Muscovite Maria Larionova, 31, told the paper that she saw Mikheyev’s proposal as “an infringement on my freedom and personal space…I love high heels, they are chic.”


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