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Posted: May 4, 2015 Val Powell

Suge Knight Seeking $10M Bail Rescue From Pal Floyd Mayweather Jr.

If there is one person who is possibly going to gain the most from Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s victory last Saturday, it is his close pal Suge Knight, who is currently held under the custody of the Los Angeles court. Apparently, Knight is expecting the unbeaten boxer to come to the rescue by footing his $10 million bail.

According to Knight’s attorney Matthew Fletcher, a lawyer from Mayweather’s camp communicated with him several weeks ago. He said that the lawyer asked him about the specifics of bailing Knight out.

Suge Knight FAINTS After Bail Set to $25 Million. it is unclear if the boxer has really committed to paying Knight’s bail, his interest towards the rap mogul’s case can possibly be a sign that he is willing to lend a hand. Fletcher then told his client about the possibility that his old pal might decide to pay for his $10 million bail.

“Suge said, ‘Man, I was really going to pull for him to win, but now I’m going to have to pray for him to win,” Fletcher related Knight’s reaction when he was told the good news.

Now that the fight is over, the media are eager to know if Mayweather is indeed going to post Knight’s bail. Some sources report that a member of the boxer’s camp has already come forward revealing that Mayweather has no intentions of posting Knight’s bail. However, this is contestable as there has been no official statement from Floyd’s Money Team as of the moment. Numerous members of the media have been attempting to call them for a comment but to no avail.

As for Knight’s camp, they’re pretty optimistic. After the latest court trial which took place last Thursday, Fletcher told the press, “My understanding is that Suge is going to be bailed out this coming week… They’re (Suge and Mayweather) good friends, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t pay Knight’s bail.”

With the money that Mayweather is raking in from the fight, there certainly is no reason why he couldn’t pay for his pal’s bail. Knight’s $10 million bail is only a fraction of what the boxer made from last night’s fight which is 60% of an estimated total of $300-$400 million.

In the court hearing last Thursday, Suge also pleaded not guilty for all the charges raised against him. He is currently accused of murder and attempted murder for a January 29 hit-and-run incident which caused the death of one man.

Knight’s bail was originally set at $25 million but was lowered down to $10 million.

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