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A German born with a super-sized right arm has carved out a successful career as a professional arm wrestler.;h=602

Matthais Schlitte has a rare bone disorder which has left his right arm around double the size of his left, measuring 46cm around the forearm.

The 27-year-old has become a world champion at his sport, landing eight German national championships and 12 international titles.

He explains his career started in 2004 after he walked into a bar in the German town of Haldensleben, where he was born.

‘A little bar in Haldensleben was looking for the strongest arm wrestler in the region – my first tournament and the beginning of my career,’ he explains on his official website.

‘Without any knowledge or practise I competed in the amateur-class up to 90kg – being only 16 years old with a weight of 65kg.

‘At first, older and more experienced fighters smiled at me for being so light-weighted, but after winning the contest the opinions changed immediately.’

He added the association between arm wrestling and drunk people in pubs is ‘completely wrong’.;h=602


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