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Gang who stabbed man at a party in row over a mobile phone causing him to have all four limbs amputated jailed for 61 years. gang whose vicious attack caused a man to lose all four of his limbs have been jailed for 61 years.
Ernest Moyo, 27, was leaving a party when he was accosted by the four thugs, demanding his mobile phone. When he refused, he was stabbed in the thigh and stomach then left lying in the road in Worthing, Sussex.
Emergency services took him to hospital but infections from his wounds had already spread to his vital organs and he was put on life support.
Doctors were left with no choice but to amputate both his arms and legs.
That night, police arrested and charged Patrick Brookes, 27, before his three accomplices - Dominic Brookes, 19, Jeremiah Reynolds, 26, and Trey Johnson, 18 - were caught nine days later.
Today, they were sentenced to a total of 61 years imprisonment for the 2012 attack.
During trials at Hove Crown Court, all four denied involvement in the attack but the jury found them guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent.
Unemployed Patrick Brookes, from Worthing, was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment.
Reynolds, from North London, Dominic Brookes, from South London, and Johnson, from Worthing, were all sentenced to 15 years.
Mr Moyo, who is also known as 'Joe', said: 'I am pleased with the outcome and me and my fiancé both agree that justice has been served.
'We are hoping to get married next year - this has now given us closure on what happened and we can put it behind us.
'We are glad this has now all finished and we can move on.'
Mr Moyo fought for his life in hospital for months after the late night attack.
He is now adapting to the tasks of daily life with the help of prosthetic limbs.
Mr Moyo’s fiancée, Amy Dunne, said: 'For two to three months every day both our families visited him hoping and praying, before finally he was taken off the life support.

'Joe and myself will have to deal with his injuries every day for the rest of our lives as we make a future together.
'Our lives will be totally different from what they would have been.
'We would like to thank all the nurses, doctors and surgeons at the hospitals for all their care and support that they gave to Joe.
'We would also like to thank Sussex Police, especially DCs Tony Taylor and Laura Sinden and PC Vicky Bailey, for all of their hard work and support.

Jailed: Patrick Brookes, 27 (left), has been jailed for 16 years for the attack which left Mr Moyo with infections that spread to his vital organs, forcing him onto life support. Dominic Brookes, 19 (right), was jailed for 15 years

Guilty: Trey Johnson, 18 (left), was 16 when he attacked Mr Moyo in Worthing, Sussex. He and Jeremiah Reynolds, 26 (right) were found guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent and jailed for 15 years each

Battled through: Mr Moyo and his fiancée Amy Dunne have finally decided to get married after two years spent recuperating from the attack and working with doctors

'We are relieved that four people have now been held accountable for their actions and will face many years in prison.'
After the case Detective Constable Laura Sinden said: 'I have been with Joe and his family throughout the investigation and the trial.
'I am pleased for them that these four people have been brought to justice.
'Each of the men have received significant sentences for their involvement in what happened that night.
'This was a vicious attack that left Joe fighting for his life in the middle of the road and the injuries he sustained meant he had to have his limbs amputated.
'The consequences of that night will be with him for the rest of his life.'

Relieved: The couple have applauded the police for catching the men that left Mr Moyo wounded in the street


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