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A series of official White House photographs brought together by Vanity Fair show the 'lean-back' nature of Barack Obama's presidency.
The pictures reveal that Mr Obama often exhibits relaxed body language in stressful situations, with legs crossed and a knee raised.
Most noticeable of all, the president often has his feet up on his desk. But this is not just any desk - the Resolute desk was given to President Rutherford B. Hayes by Queen Victoria in 1880.

In the pictures President Obama can be seen discussing affairs of the state with his advisers and counselors.
Yet whether they are debating tragic events or vital economic policy, the president is often more reclined than those around him.

When talking about the Newtown shootings, foreign policy in Egypt or Libya, or in deficit-reduction talks Obama can be seen with his legs crossed or his head in his hands.
But most frequently the president has his feet on the famous Resolute desk in the Oval Office. plaque on the front of the desk explains that the H.M.S. Resolute was abandoned in the Arctic in 1852.
The vessel was then 'discovered and extricated' by American whaler Captain Buddington in September 1855.
Resolute was then refurbished and sent to Britain as a 'token of goodwill and friendship' from the president and people of the United States.
When the ship was broken up, Queen Victoria sent a desk made out of its timbers back to the U.S. as a 'memorial of the courtesy and loving kindness which dictated the offer of the gift of the "Resolute"'
Franklin Roosevelt had a door built in the desk to stop people seeing his legbraces. The Resolute was first moved into the Oval Office by Jackie Kennedy in 1961.

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