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"Poverty is the worst form of violence" -Mahatma Gandhi

How The Rich Keep Us Poor
Alcoa factory

According to Reuters, if our case is successful it would "mark a step forward for [all] African nations seeking to wrest greater control of their natural resources from international companies."

LETTER TO CEO Alcoa Inc Klaus Kleinfeld
Director of Corporate Affairs, Alcoa Monica Orbe
Alcoa Director Michael G. Morris
and 11 others
Alcoa Director Ratan Tata
Alcoa Director Carol L. Roberts
Alcoa Director James W. Owens
VP, Chief Communications Officer Alcoa Inc Libby Archell
Chief Legal Officer Alcoa Inc. Audrey Strauss
Alcoa Director Kathryn S. Fuller
Alcoa Director Arthur D. Collins, Jr
Alcoa Director Ernesto Zedillo
Alcoa Inc. Director Sir Martin Sorell
VP General Counsel Alcoa Max Laun
Alcoa James Maury are troubled by the fact that for several decades now Alcoa has managed one of the richest bauxite mines in the world that is located in Guinea, a West African country that has remained impoverished despite this immense mineral wealth. It is also unfortunate to note that Guinea’s share of this mine, that has generated over $400 billion in aluminum content, is limited to a mere 1.2%.

Furthermore, we are disappointed to learn that Alcoa has persistently excluded local Guineans from the business opportunities offered by their own mine. Such segregation has clearly contributed to a poverty level that leaves the country unable to even protect itself against the horrifying consequences of the ebola epidemic.

It is our belief that a corporate social stance marginally more humane, on the part of Alcoa, would actually provide to scores of Guineans access to simple amenities (descent food, shelter, clean water, vaccines, sanitation services, access to preventive medical care) that could save many lives.

Please note that we are happy to join the current campaign to urge Alcoa to:

1. Immediately honor all the provisions of the mining Convention it entered into with Guinea, particularly Article 9 that was unmistakably designed to increase local Guinean participation in labor, subcontracting and transport.

2. Immediately implement a sincere and effective plan to increase the participation of Guinean companies and entrepreneurs in the opportunities generated by this rich mine.

3. Immediately fund social programs (in health care, education, youth recreation and infrastructure development) to improve the quality of life of the populations in the areas surrounding the mines.

4. Quickly develop the industrialization plan it initially promised, so as to allow the citizens of Guinea to equitably benefit from the fruits of their own mines.
Romain Rerolle, Director (far right), and Joel Henry, Head of Quality, of Alcoa, Inc., (France), ranked at 254 in the Fortune Global 500The Diamond Quality Summit Award was presented to Alcoa Howmet Gennevilliers, one of the aluminum giant's subsidiaries in France. Mr Romain Rerolle, Director of Alcoa Howmet Gennevilliers, received the award from Jose E. Prieto, President and CEO of BID at the 2009 Quality Convention in Paris

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Baring any immediate concrete actions on the part of Alcoa, we hereby pledge to undertake a series of peaceful actions to encourage the leadership of your company to become more socially responsible towards the people of Guinea. For Instance, at the next shareholders’ meetings of Alcoa, we intend to voice our concern for the fact that, at a time when America’s image is being challenged in business and political circles around the world, Alcoa’s comportment is not only detrimental to defenseless and impoverished populations but also a peril to America’s image around the world.

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