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ISIS Captures Catholics In Syria; Threatens To Burn Their Children Alive In Cages
And to decapitate adults who refuse to deny their faith.
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ISIS has captured Catholics in Syria and is now threatening to decapitate the adults and burn the children alive in cages, according to the Catholic organization The International Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

Vincentian priest Reverend John Freund posted a message he received from Sister Monique from the Vicentian Daughters of Charity.

Sister Monique stated:

Late Sunday afternoon on 1 March 2015, I received a message from M. Francoise, a delegate of the International Society of St. Vincent de Paul [in Rome], and I managed to reach her by telephone.

She was leaving for Paris, and collapsed at the news she had just received: members of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Syria were kidnapped, along with their wives and children.

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The children were isolated and put into cages. Adults who do not deny their faith will be decapitated, and their children burned alive in the cages.

M. Francoise had been in regular contact with several of them before all this occurred. She asked me to transmit the news and make a fervent appeal for prayers for these people, and all who are held hostage.

Let us remain fervently united in prayer, and have as our intention the welfare of all brothers and sisters in our Christian faith who are being held hostage.

On March 4th, Reverend Freund posted an update:

ISIS released at least 19 Christians on Sunday [Mar. 1] who were among the more than 220 people the militants took captive in northeastern Syria last week, activists and a local leader said.

The news provided a modicum of relief to a Christian Assyrian community that has been devastated by the abductions, which saw Islamic State fighters haul off entire families from a string of villages along the Khabur River in Hassakeh province.

But fears remain over the fate of the hundreds still held captive.

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