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Oh My God, London launched a butt naked protest on weekend.

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  Post link 16 June 2014, 3:56
Londoners launched a butt naked on bike protest last Saturday to protest against oil dependency and car culture. The event is held worldwide (mainly in Europe and America), last Saturday was the turn of the UK capital to hold the bizarre protest.

Here's what the event promoter had to say...

London has six start points for this year's nine-mile ride and they are: Marble Arch, Regent's Park, King's Cross, Clapham Junction, West Norwood and Tower Hill.

All start at 2.30pm and eventually merge together at Wellington Arch.

The nudity symbolises the vulnerability of the individual in traffic basically acts as a license to write humorous slogans on your bum.

If you are taking part though, do heed the rules, which state: "Do not undress until just before the protest moves off, as this will undermine our positive relationship with the authorities.

"There is no law against nudity in Britain, but please don't exercise your right to nudity in London before the ride, as it will impact on our ability to make arrangements with the police. Feel free to undress in the UK at any other time of the year, as this will not have any impact on the WNBR."

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You Lie Because You Are Scared
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  Post link 16 June 2014, 4:13
I believe there's reasons why some are Leaders and some are called the Flocks...
This is one of them, you do not need clearer example than this.

I hope your protest put fear in the mind of your so called Leader. See you next year

You Lie Because You Are Scared
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