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A female is likely to be disrespected if she show her body..

Floyd Mayweather Says Women Should Dress How They Want To Be Addressed
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  Post link 14 June 2014, 23:32
Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather is known to make just as many headlines for his outspoken demeanor as he does for his victories in the ring and now he’s stirring the pot yet again by weighing in on they way some women dress.

Floyd took to his Instagram with this message letting women know that he feels their attire dictates the level of disrespect that they should expect to receive…and needless to say, many of his followers didn’t quite see eye-to-eye with his comments.
Here's what he said:

How a female dresses is her advertisement. If a female shows half of her body, she's asking to be disrespected. If she dresses classy, expect to be treated like a lady.
How you're addressed lies on your attire. Sexy is a spirit, not an outfit.

Floyd Money Mayweather with buddy 50 cents.

From our perspective we... Well, we want to hear your opinion on the idea to think that someone “deserves” disrespect solely because of the way that they are dressed but, what do you think? Do you agree with Floyd’s comments?
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You Lie Because You Are Scared
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  Post link 15 June 2014, 23:42
Maybe, it depend
Now let add a picture I want it smaller or let reduce the size. I want the text on the right of the picture. It's that simple to post a message.
Smiley.... :fsb2_zzz: :fsb2_zzz: :fsb2_zzz:
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