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Circulating story reports that a Catholic priest, who was officially dead for 48 minutes before his heart was restarted by medics, claims that he went to heaven and met God, who he describes as feminine and a 'warm motherly figure'.

The claims are nonsense. No such incident occurred. The story comes from the fake-news 'satirical' website World News Daily Report and is entirely fiction. Nothing published on World News Daily Report should be taken seriously.

Boston| A Catholic priest from Massachussetts was officially dead for more than 48 minutes before medics were able to miraculously re-start his heart. During that time, Father John Micheal O’neal claims he went to heaven and met God, which he describes as a warm and comforting motherly figure.

Detailed Analysis

Story Claims That Priest Who Died Discovered God Was A Woman
According to a story that is circulating rapidly via the interwebs, a Catholic priest who was officially dead for 48 minutes and then miraculously revived by medics claims that he met God and she was a woman.

The story claims that Massachusetts priest Father John Micheal O'Neal suffered a heart attack and was rushed to hospital, but pronounced dead soon after his arrival. However, claims the report, with the aid of a specialist machine, doctors were able to revive him after more than 48 minutes.

Supposedly, during the time that he was 'dead', Father O'Neal went to heaven and found that God was a feminine being of light that he described as a 'warm motherly figure'.

The story has been republished on a number of spiritually orientated blogs and forums - and even some mainstream news sites - and has caused considerable debate and consternation.

Story is Fiction - Comes From Fake News Site World News Daily Report

However, the story is a work of fiction. No such incident occurred. The story comes from the fake-news website World News Daily Report, which considers itself satirical. The site includes the following disclaimer:

WNDR assumes however all responsibility for the satirical nature of its articles and for the fictional nature of their content. All characters appearing in the articles in this website - even those based on real people - are entirely fictional and any resemblance between them and any persons, living, dead, or undead is purely a miracle.

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But, alas, because the site's articles are presented in news format and the disclaimer is posted on a separate page, many people are apt to believe the fictional stories and share them with their friends.

The image used in the fake-news article is a standard stock photo and is available on various stock image websites.

World News Daily Report and others of its ilk are responsible for an endless stream of nonsensical stories that circulate far and wide. It is wise to verify any 'news' stories that come your way before sharing them with others. Checking such stories via a news aggregator service such as Google News will usually allow you to quickly determine if a story is true.

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