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Brazilian Prostitute Claims Justin Bieber Is Father of Her Child CELEBRITIES

Rio de Janeiro| A Brazilian court hearing a paternity action lawsuit filed by a 21-year prostitute, Tati Neves, issued a warrant for Canadian pop star Justin Bieber to take a paternity test within 60 days in a court-designated facility.

The young woman presented a civil lawsuit in December 2014, after the singer allegedly refused to recognize the child as his. The judge, Adriano Santos Pereira, recognized the evidence presented by the sex worker as legitimate and sufficient to justify the compelling of such a test. If Mr. Bieber was to refuse taking the test within the 60-day period, the court may hold him in contempt, or a default judgment may be entered against him.

The young mother attracted the attention of the media in November 2013 when she published on YouTube, a short video of the singer sleeping in her bed. She claims that her 6-month old child Alexandro was born out this passionate night, and the evidence she provided in court convinced the judge that her story was credible enough for a test to be performed.

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Ms. Neves’ video of Justin Bieber in her bed had gone completely viral on YouTube in November 2013. The entourage of the singer had then claimed that the whole thing was staged, but the Brazilian judge obviously thought otherwise.

The young woman was visibly happy when she met the media outside the courthouse only a few minutes after the judge’s decision.

“It is sad that I had to come to court for him to assume his responsibilities, but I’m happy that the judge recognized that I was telling the truth” said Ms. Neves. “I’m not doing this for the money, I just want Justin to play his role in my son’s life. We had a passionate love story that led to the birth of Alexandro, and I want my son to know his father.”

There has been no comment yet from Mr. Bieber concerning the warrant, but it is likely that he will comply with the court decision in order to avoid a default judgment against him.
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