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February 16th, 2015 | by Bob Flanagan
Indian Researchers Prove Reality of Reincarnation SCIENCE

Indian researchers from the Department of Psychology at the University of Delhi have allegedly proven the reality of reincarnation after publishing this week a 4,038 page document that holds testament to more than 20,080 unexplained cases of reincarnation recorded by Indian academics since the late 1970′s.

The study that has been ongoing for more then 30 years is believed to be the most exhaustive study on the subject of reincarnation in history, involving more than 300 academics and scholars from over 26 countries.

Over 20,080 case studies and witness testimonies of alleged reincarnations have been thoroughly scrutinized by the team of experts who came to the final conclusion that “although reincarnation cannot be explained yet by modern science, case studies analyzed over 30 years prove without a doubt of the reality of reincarnation, as in the appearance or reappearance of one’s identity beyond death and rebirth through the body of a totally different person” explained PhD Vinar Gudrashrati, leading expert of the team of researchers. study that has spanned over three decades and involved more than 300 academics world wide confirms the reality of reincarnation, a fact still not understood by modern science

Although documented reports of reincarnation stem in the hundreds of thousands, the team of researchers claims the 20,080 case studies they have selected are concrete evidence of reincarnation.

“We have thousands of cases where historical references where made possible through direct responses with family members of the deceased and who corroborated on over 85% of the claims of the reincarnated, numbers the scientific community can no longer dismiss” explains Hans Groeschler, Head researcher of the Department of Psychology at University of Amsterdam.

One of the most interesting cases is that of Octavio Berscuchelli, a young Italian boy born in 1982 and who claimed to be Oswald Gerling, a famous German pianist from the 1920′s.

At the age of four years old, the boy was believed to be a genius and could interpret no less than 22 of Oswald Gerling’s pieces, without having ever learned them in the first place. It is only in 1988, at the age of six, that a specialist recognized the songs and that the link between Octavio and Oswald was made, although the young boy from an early age had always wanted his parents to call him Oswald and has even changed his first name to Oswald in his 20′s.

What is even more fascinating is that Octavio had the chance to meet Oswald’s wife who was still alive at the time and in her late 90′s. She also believed him to be the reincarnation of her dead husband, even though she was a devout christian before hand. one case study, a young Italian boy born in 1982 claimed he was Oswald Gerling, a famous German pianist from the 1920′s

“Nobody had called me ‘cupcake’ in over 70 years. Oswald always called me “his little cupcake”, she told reporters at the time. “I burst into tears when I heard him playing the piano, nobody can play Oswald’s songs the way he could. He never wrote down his compositions, he always remembered every note by heart, he would never have let someone else play his music” she recalled at the time.

The study that has been met with skepticism from Western scholars and academics, dwells with important questions, admit some experts.

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“This research is thoroughly documented and extremely convincing” admits Tom Brushmore, PhD in psychology at University of Massachusetts. “It’s just really hard to admit to the reality of such a phenomenon. If this is true, modern concepts of psychology, biology and genetics have to be rebuilt from scratch” he acknowledges, visibly puzzled by the conclusions of the study.

Even the Dalai Lama has expressed himself on the conclusions of the latest study. “With the ever growing impact of science on our lives, religion and spirituality have a greater role to play reminding us of our humanity. There is no contradiction between the two. Each gives us valuable insights into the other. Both science and the teachings of the Buddha tell us of the fundamental unity of all things”.

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