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Bill Goldberg has let it known that he would like to make a return to the WWE for one last time to settle an old score. to Jim Ross on JR's podcast 'The Ross Report' the former American Football defensive tackle wants his son to see him in the square circle at least once in his lifetime.

"My last conversation with WWE brass, which was a while ago, was to the effect of I have a seven-year-old son who would love to see me wrestle and whatever differences we've had in the past, if you guys want to make some money and do this again, then I'd then be willing to talk about it. That is my answer."

The question about who Goldberg would want to fight was asked as well, with interesting results. The 47-year old named his top priorities to be Triple H and Brock Lesnar, whilst Roman Reigns would be a fun fight because they both played for the Georgia Bulldogs.

"Whether it's Hunter or Brock...Hunter and I will always have unfinished business until the day I die and Brock and I will always have unfinished business in the ring," Goldberg said. "Whether it's Roman Reigns or anybody...hey man it is what it is, whoever it is I don't care...As long as it makes sense I'm in for it."

Any of these matches at WrestleMania 31 next year would be a big occasion and a matchup that all fans would love to see. The WWE just have to be asked, "Who's Next?"


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