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Monday, 9 February 2015
By AFP | Istanbul |
A woman, who has been identified as Gonul S., killed her husband after he beat her for refusing to reenact a scene from a German pornographic film. (File photo courtesy:

A Turkish woman slit the throat of her husband after he beat her for refusing to act out scenes he had watched in German pornographic films, the daily Hurriyet reported Sunday.

The woman, named as Gonul S, 49, told prosecutors in the central Isparta region after her arrest that she had married her husband, 67, as he promised a happy life together.

“For the first 20 days everything was fine. But then the violence started,” she was quoted as telling prosecutors in her testimony.

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“He watched German porn films until the morning and wanted me to act out the scenes that he saw. When I refused, he beat me,” she added.

More violence followed when she complained to police and during another argument her son, from another marriage, struck the husband with a blunt object.

She told prosecutors she then killed him by slitting his throat with a black-handled kitchen knife before giving herself up to the police.

The Turkish authorities acknowledge the country has a major problem with domestic violence, with hundreds of women killed every year. A far smaller number of women kill their husbands after themselves being beaten.

Gonul S has been remanded on custody pending trial.

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