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By Tim DonnellyFebruary 9, 2015 | 3:22pm
This still from Miley's entry, "Tongue Tied," is definitely not Disney Channel-friendly.

For a while now, Miley Cyrus has been inching closer to pornography with her increasingly revealing outfits and scandalous dance moves. Now she’s going to appear in an actual pornography festival.
Cyrus submitted her short film, “Tongue Tied” — which depicts the almost-nude “Wrecking Ball” singer in bondage gear and sexually suggestive poses — to the NYC Porn Film Festival, which begins in Bushwick on Feb. 27.

It’s not pure pornography — the video has no sex, and though she writhes around in her underwear, she keeps her nipples covered. But it’s full of bondage imagery: Cyrus dons a blindfold, has her legs constrained by straps and is tied to a chair with only black tape covering her nipples. It’s a touch “Fifty Shades” with a pinch of Madonna’s “Justify My Love” video.
“It’s a pop take on S&M,” festival founder Simon Leahy says. “She’s starting to become more of a contemporary artist.”

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The video was released online in May, and Cyrus used it during her shows on her Bangerz Tour last year. Leahy says Cyrus found out about the festival through a mutual friend based in London, then sent in her short film, which she made with director Quentin Jones and the production company Cadence. While she likely won’t be at the festival personally, Cyrus is no stranger to Bushwick: She was spotted — topless and twerking — at a secret Alexander Wang warehouse party in the neighborhood in September.

The NYC Porn Film Festival is sponsored by the free video site PornHub, and runs Feb. 27 through March 1 at Secret Project Robot, featuring amateur and professional work from international filmmakers.
The space will be arranged more like a gallery than a seedy Times Square theater of old. There will be a bar, and viewers can walk around and discuss the various videos and art. In addition to “Tongue Tied,” the opening night party features a Tila Tequila sex tape and a handful of independent submissions.

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