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August 22nd, 2014 | by Bob Flanaga

Los Angeles| Obama is ‘extremely’ likely to feature in an upcoming movie after the presidency, admitted George Clooney on ABC’s Good Morning America this morning.
The famous actor and producer had a chance to propose the idea to the President when they last met in october during a charity fundraiser, but the President who is obviously busy, didn’t give any feedback until just recently.

“This guy is so charismatic, he just outshines everybody onscreen” admits George Clooney about his favorite president ever. “If you think this guy has charisma, wait till you meet him in real, it’s like he has a giant magnetic aura around him. He just emits this burst of electric energy, it’s something I’ve never seen anywhere else. This guy was meant to be a movie star, whether he had been a president or not” he acknowledged laughingly.
George Clooney and the President met last fall at a fundraiser where Mr Clooney first proposed the idea to Obama to hit the big screen after the presidency, a suggestion the President showed an interest in from the start

Barack Hussein Obama who has taken acting classes in his college years has not acknowledged publicly yet his interest in hitting the Hollywood big screen after his second mandate, but celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has been calling it for quite a while.

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“I have insider sources very close to the President and his family that concur about his interest in a Hollywood post-career” explained the famous video blogger in a recent video on his Youtube channel.
Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton claims insider sources close to the Obama family acknowledge the President’s interest in a movie career after the presidency

“It’s his meeting with Arnold Schwarzenegger that opened up his eyes on the subject”. It appears the Austrian actor told the President jokingly, that if he did such a good job at acting while reading a teleprompter, he had a great Hollywood career in front of him. An idea that seemed to please the President at the time, admits the celebrity blogger.
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