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Rob WaughRob Waugh – 30 January 2015

WhatSim card for WhatsApp offers free calls anywhere in the world
The £7.50 a year WhatSim SIM card is designed for messaging service WhatsApp - you pay no contract, and incoming calls are free
Rob Waugh - WhatSim offers free calls anywhere in the world

A new sim card promises mobile phone users freedom from contracts - and up to 85% off calls texts and mobile internet.

The WhatSim card is built entirely for hit messaging service WhatsApp - and instead of a contract with one mobile service provider, it works with whatever company offers the best service in that area, wherever you are in the world.

WhatSim already has deals with 400 mobile companies in 150 territories. The flat fee of 10 Euros (£7.50) per year offers unlimited text messaging - picture messages, calls, video and voice messages are charged on top.

There are no contracts, and incoming calls are always free.

Crucially, there are no roaming charges whatsoever.

Travellers will be able to use the WhatSim card in 150 countries without any roaming fees - and without having to find a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Calls are routed via WhatsApp, the hit messaging service with 700 million users worldwide - which means that you can only communicate with others with Whatsapp.

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The service is included as standard on new Samsung handsets, but users do have to enable it on their device, otherwise you can’t call them.

WhatSim CEO Manuel Zanella says that the new Sim card will appeal to travellers.

‘In a world where more and more people are traveling, the need to stay in touch with others in a
simple and fast way has become essential. Once we would call, then we started sending text messages.

‘Since 90% of my contacts have WhatsApp, I decided to create a Sim card dedicated
specifically to WhatsApp.’

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