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A new vest designed by a Nasa scientist burns up to a pound of fat a week while wearers are resting
The Cold Shoulder waistcoat of Dr Wayne Hayes is designed to aid weight-loss
Yahoo Finance UK/Dr Wayne Hayes - The Cold Shoulder waistcoat is designed to aid weight-loss (Dr Wayne Hayes)

Telegraph By Elizabeth Anderson | 28 January 2015 |

A waistcoat full of ice that can burn up to 500 calories a day has been developed by a NASA scientist, who says that exposure to cold is an effective way of burning excess calories.
Dr. Wayne B. Hayes says his Cold Shoulder invention is a comfortable, cool compress worn across the back and shoulders that burns up to a pound of fat a week.

The Cold Shoulder is designed to be stored in the freezer and wearers put it on when they are sitting in a comfortable temperature, and not exercising.

Worn over a shirt, Dr Hayes says the waistcoat will extract heat from your body and cause you to burn extra calories in order to stay warm.

If you are in a hot environment, or working out at the gym, the Cold Shoulder will help you stay cool, but it won't burn excess calories, because you're not cold, he adds.
Dr Wayne Hayes demonstrates his ice waistcoat (The Cold Shoulder)

Once users have worn it for a few hours, they simply put it back in the freezer, ready to wear again the next day.

“The goal of the Cold Shoulder is to force you to burn calories at a time when you otherwise would not: sitting down, at rest, in a comfortable environment at room temperature. Scientists have spent decades studying how mild cold exposure can enhance calorie burn and the evidence has been accumulating,” says Dr Hayes.

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He is now raising money on crowdfunding website Kickstarter to bring the product to wider attention and to get the first batch of waistcoats into production.
The project has raised almost $90,000 (£60,000) from 500 backers since going live last week. Dr Hayes had initially hoped to raise $13,500.
The waistcoat costs $160, and comes in sizes XS to XXXL.
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(The Cold Shoulder)

Dr Hayes says that first-time wearers feel cold but that they soon get used to it.
However, he says the vest won’t provide a magic solution for weight loss. Wearers will also have to maintain a healthy diet, eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, to aid the weight loss.

He adds that users can be sceptical at first, but soon change their opinion once they've tried it.

“The first thing I always hear when I say I’m touting a “cold vest” is, “I don’t like being cold.” But think of all the other crazy things people do in order to try to lose excess fat. Users who start sceptical end up wearing it routinely, and even find they look forward to putting it on at the end of a long day.” - VIDEO. Hologram television may be closer than you think
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