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It's no big secret, judging by all the Instagram photos, that Kendall Jenner and Chris Brown are more than just acquaintances.

BUT, after months of dating rumours and more confusion than Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's relationship (well, not quite), reports today seem to confirm that the two have been involved in some hanky panky and a spot of dating for MONTHS.
Are Kendall Jenner and Chris Brown dating? Copyright [Instagram]

Excuse us whilst we just rub our eyes and wash our ears out to make sure we read that correctly.
After break-up #45 with on-again-off-again-halfway-on-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran, Chris, 25, apparently has his beady eyes on Kendall, 19, after allegedly secretly hooking up with the second-youngest Kardashian for MONTHS. Sometimes behind Karrueche's back, apparently. Ouch.
Pretty sure our heads are going to explode with all this relationship confusion soon.
A source has blabbed away to OK! Magazine and revealed: "For a while, Kendall was too young for Chris. But she’s 19 now, and he’s [single].
Well, Kendall and Chris certainly look pretty cosy here... Copyright [Instagram]

"Chris is smitten, and Kendall’s eating it up."
Justin will be THRILLED.
The magazine also claims that Kendall was a "permanent fixture" in the studio he was recording in with Tyga, Kylie Jenner's rumoured boyfriend, which is obviously pretty (slightly hilariously) convenient.
Another source told InTouch that "Kendall has thought Chris was hot for years now," adding that she's "always idolised him."

Erm. Slightly worrying?
The two have often been seen out partying. Copyright [Instagram]

However, as with all Hollywood-born relationships, this one hasn't come without it's cynics.
The source for InTouch, for example, reckons Kendall's looking for more than just romance and cuddles out of Chris - she's hoping he'll bring her fame too. Because it's not like she's famous enough already.
They explained: "Kendall conveniently latches on to whomever can make her more famous and she is game for anything that will get her the most exposure."
Kendall IS hot property right now! Copyright [David Fisher/REX]

They also hinted that Kenz could end up getting hurt in all of this, adding that Chris "looks at her like a little girl," whilst she's always doing her upmost to "make herself appear to be a woman."

Have you not SEEN her modelling photos?!

A source added to RadarOnline: “Kendall tells her sisters that they are not hooking up, but they would NEVER be okay with Chris Brown dating their little sister. No one would.”
Well DUH. Stating the bloomin' obvious a bit, considering his history, isn't it?
In case that hadn't doomed their romance, another source has told "It’s not even like that, Kendall and Chris are friends and nothing more."
Maybe not the funniest gag in the world: Justin Bieber and Chris Brown pose for a snap. Copyright [Instagram]

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Oh. Okay then.

We're not really sure what this relationship is really about, whether there's any romance involved whatsoever or if a girl and a boy are simply grabbing some ridiculously expensive drinks together, so until someone confirms/denies/ignores it, we'll just go with the flow.
And eat mince pies whilst we're waiting. Naturally.

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