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Now the secret is out, there is no hiding La Toya's engagement joy. The 58-year-old year old made sure her ring, and her fiancé Jeffré Phillips, were front and centre as she arrived at a New York radio station on Friday.
Stepping out for the first time since the news broke that she is engaged to her 46-year-old business manager, La Toya could not have looked happier.

Waving at the cameras and fans, the singer made sure to get her giant ring in every shot.
The 17.5 carat diamond was hard to miss even if La Toya had not been busy flashing it.
Her betrothed meanwhile is still getting used to the limelight after years behind the scenes as her business manager, and trailed behind his bride-to-be as she entered the SiriusFX radio station building.
For her radio appearance La Toya looked much younger than her 58 years in a pair of tight white jeans with a bright orange top featuring a ruffle statement neckline under a black blazer.

The soft spoken sister of the late Michael Jackson actually got engaged 10 months ago but managed to keep it, and her bling, secret until Wednesday this week.
Currently promoting her second season of her OWN reality show, Living La Toya, the star could not hold in the good news anymore.

And, following many reality stars that have come before her, the eccentric star says she plans to have a massive on-camera wedding.
She told the New York Daily News: 'It’s going to be bigger than Kim’s [Kardashian’s]!'
'It’ll be bigger than anything, huge. Lots of people, all of it.'

The star also has big plans for her future - motherhood.
On Wednesday the Bad Girl singer told Good Morning America that she hopes to adopt a child: 'I always wanted to be a mother, all my life.'
Speaking the proposal which took place at the Trump Hotel, in Hawaii: 'I had no clue. I couldn't understand why he was so nervous.'

Jeffré had La Toya follow a path of white rose petals and gardenias to their hotel balcony, where he had arranged a romantic dinner of her favourite foods. Candle light was everywhere.
After dropping to one knee he said, 'I don’t have a ring for you' and she said, 'Well, that’s okay. I don’t care about a ring.'
But when dessert was served, she got a rock: 'When I lifted (the lid) for the dessert, there was the ring.'


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