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A 12-year-old Wisconsin girl who was reportedly stabbed by two classmates in the woods as a tribute to a figure known as the 'Slender Man' was released from the hospital on Friday - and said she survived the attack because of her will to live. parents said in a statement 'While we have kept discussions about the events of May 31, 2014 with her short, we did ask how she found the strength to crawl out of the woods.
'Her response was simple: "I wanted to live."'
Her parents said she was released from Waukesha Memorial Hospital and that 'she is excited to be out of the hospital, see her pets, and continue along the road to recovery.'
'Our family is extremely grateful for the outpouring of support and love from not only the local community, but from around the nation, and the world,' they said.
The two 12-year-old girls accused of stabbing her to honor Slender Man created code words so they could plan their crime on the school bus.
When Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier discussed the attack they would use the word, 'cracker' to describe a knife or killing.
They believed the character they were trying to impress, Slender Man, lived in a mansion in the Nicolet National Park in northern Wisconsin.

The girls planned to run away to live with the figure after the attack and they talked about their escape as a 'camping trip'.
When talking to police, Geyser referred to the attack simply as, 'Stabby, stab, stab'.
A police document compiled soon after Saturday's stabbing in Waukesha, Wisconsin, revealed details of the level of planning that went into the assault.
The official complaint reads, '... Weier talked about the planning stages of the incident and said every now and then she and Geyser would whisper about the plan to kill (the victim) when they were on the bus.
'She stated they talked about living in the woods and what they would need to defeat animals.
'They also discussed but whispered about killing (the victim) because they didn't want people to hear them because they would go to prison if they ever found out.
'They often used code words and stated cracker meant knife or it meant killing and camping trip mean the Nicolet National Park.'

Referring to Geyser's police interview, the report reads: 'Geyser stated after they were at the bathroom they went by some trees by the dead end and then, 'stabby, stab, stab.'
After the two girls carried out the attack in woodland just a few hundred yards from their family homes, they reportedly left their 12-year-old victim to die.
She managed to crawl onto a residential street, where she was found by a passing cyclist who called the authorities. The police complaint states that she was, 'one millimeter away from certain death.’
The family of the victim have said that they want their daughter to remain anonymous.They have established a fundraising page on called Hearts for Healing.
Prior to her hospital release, they wrote: 'As parents of this little girl, we are overwhelmed with the amount of love and support we've been receiving from our family, friends and community.
'Our little girl is a fighter and is making strides of improvement each and every day. We appreciate your patience, love and support as we too are stunned and saddened by this tragedy.
'She has been able to walk the halls of the hospital with her Dad. No machine, no tubes, just she and her Dad. She has been out of bed watching TV in her wheelchair as well.'She seems to like sitting in her wheelchair as opposed to the lying in bed. She still gets a little ill when she eats so we're taking that slowly.
'She also gets overwhelmed very easily, so we're going to try to limit visitors and allow her to have a little alone time.

'We thank you for keeping our family in your prayers during this difficult time.
'We will do our best to keep you apprised of updates on her progress.
'As our daughter is so young, we ask that you honor her anonymity and our family's privacy as we continue to heal and find our strength.'
On Tuesday, MailOnline conducted an exclusive interview with Anissa Weier's elder brother William, in which he stated his little sister could not tell the difference between 'dreams and reality'.
Both Geyser and Weier told police they committed the crime because they wanted to impress Slender Man, who they had become obsessed with after reading a string of scary stories online.
And speaking to MailOnline, William Weier gave insight into the mind of his little sister.
He said he was fully aware of her interest in the figure - which she first discovered on ghost story website, Creepypasta - and knew she loved watching online videos about him.
He explained: 'If you looked at my younger sister you'd see a normal happy 12-year-old. She's just got a couple of weird interests. Personally, I think she found Slender Man on YouTube, took an interest and then read up on it.

'She loved CreepyPasta, she loved the Slender Man stories, just anything a bit creepy. But I don't see why it changed from dream to reality.
'She was very quiet, she kept to herself, but she was happy-go-lucky, so this is completely out of the blue.
'I know she understood what she was doing because she is very intelligent, to the point where by she lacks common sense.
'But she is only a little girl so I don't think she understood the ramifications of what she was doing.'
He went on: 'I know all about Slender Man. He surfaced a few years ago and the Internet just seized hold of it and everyone started writing these Creepypasta stories.
'It's all just urban legends and Slender Man has become one of the biggest ones. Several people have made internet movies about him and there are online games as well.
'My sister never played the games, but she liked watching the videos.
'It's been very shocking for our family, but what can we do?
'My stepmother and my father have not been talking about this. My dad has been relatively Stoney faces.
'This was out of character for my sister. I just wish she had enough common sense to tell the difference between what is real and what isn't.

'Obviously something on the Internet as blown up as Slender Man is not going to be real, they are just legends.
'I'm shocked like anybody would be if it was their little sister. It does happen, but when it does it's a surprise to everybody.'
William said despite his sister's love of scary films and stories, there were no red flags or indications that she would her obsession could be violent.
He explained: 'This was out of character for my sister. She was relatively quiet; she didn't talk about anything she did at school.
'As far as I knew, she just liked being scared. She has dug herself a hell of a hole with this. If she gets out, she will be on lockdown.'
William has only just moved back into the family home, just a few hundred yards from the scene of Saturday's attack.
The first he knew about it, was when he saw a SWAT team outside the front door as he pulled up in a car to start moving his belongings in.

The make-up artist, who works for a local variety show called, 'Dead Man's Carnival', said: 'I only moved here two days ago, but I don't know the other two girls involved.
'My sister and I were moving our stuff into the house and we saw a SWAT team at the door.
'As far as I can tell, her and her friend have been planning this for months and they decided to go through with it. It seems it was just random.'
Earlier on Tuesday MailOnline revealed the family of the other alleged attacker, Morgan Geyser, also knew about the school girl's interest In Slender Man.
Morgan drew the stickman on a napkin and left it in her family home - just a couple of minutes’ walk from the Weier's house - while her parents were out for dinner.
But far from being alarmed by the sketch, Morgan's father, Matt, posted it on his social network account.
Beneath the picture he wrote: 'Only Mogo draws Slenderman in crayon on a napkin when we are out to dinner'. He tagged Morgan's mother, Angela, in the post and four of his friends, 'liked it.' can reveal Matt Geyser is a death metal fan who uses the Instagram name, Deadboy420. He recently posted a picture of a ticket for a Shadows Fall concert, a group with albums including Of One Blood and The War Within.
Mr Geyser's apparent knowledge of his daughter's obsession with the Slender Man character comes as a new development in the attack that left their 12-year-old victim clinging onto life.
On Monday, both girls were charged as adults with attempted first-degree intentional homicide. If found guilty, they could end up in prison for 65 years each.
According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Geyser family's attorney Donna Kuchler said: ‘The family is very horrified at what has happened.’


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