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‘Deviant’ members of the ruling party publicly named at a political bureau meeting chaired by President Paul Kagame, who also warned saboteurs and those not toeing the line that their plans were bound to fail. high-profile members of the ruling party were named and shamed during last weekend’s political bureau meeting at which some members were accused of straying from the party line.

As a result, a warning was issued to those that are thought to be putting the integrity of Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) into disrepute. It was a rare occasion as Oda Gasinzigwa, one of the party commissioners, read out the names of mainly female members whom the party said are engaging in “undesirable acts.”

Lt-Col (Rtd) Rose Kabuye, who until 2010 was President Kagame’s director of protocol, and Mary Baine, who until earlier this year was the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as former Rwandan ambassador to the Netherlands, Immaculee Uwanyirigira, were particularly pointed out as among the deviants.

“They have been engaging in conspiracy acts of spreading rumours with the aim of inciting the public against the government and making utterances that are not in line with the party principles,” Gasinzigwa said. “We have discussed these issues with them, especially as the Women League.

“We asked them to come before the committee and seek forgiveness and pledge to toe the party line again but they are yet to respond to this call as far as I understand.”

Both Ms Baine and Lt-Col (Rtd) Kabuye, who until recently were well-placed in the system, were not present at the meeting, even though last week they were seen separately attending court sessions of their equally embattled husbands, Col Tom Byabagamba and Capt (Rtd) David Kabuye, respectively, who are facing similar charges.

Ms Gasinzigwa also warned that more women were likely to sympathise with the “negative solidarity” group or fall in its trap. She said the group was falsely portraying the leadership of the country in negative light and spreading dangerous propaganda against the government.

Liberation veterans

Others mentioned were diplomat Joy Kanyange, a UN employee, and Anne Gahongayire, who at one time was the Justice PS. The list also included Anne Karemera and Immy Camarade, who are veterans of the liberation struggle. Ms Karemera would, however, be cleared.

According to Ms Gasinzigwa, the said women will not be left to go astray and become “outcasts” but the mere fact that they were mentioned is likely to spell doom for the embattled senior RPF cadres who have occupied several high-ranking positions in government and the military.

According to sources, both Lt-Col (Rtd) Kabuye and Ms Baine have been questioned on several occasions, not only by the party hierarchy but also by criminal investigations agents.

“Some of them are involved in activities that can lead to serious crimes, which can amount to conspiracy against the state and tarnishing the image of the government,” Ms Gasinzigwa said. “These acts, which include spreading falsehoods, depict the party wrongly.”

She added that the party will do whatever is in its powers to stop the dissidents in their tracks.

At the same meeting, MP Edda Mukabagwiza, who prior to going to parliament was Rwanda’s High Commissioner to Canada, publicly disowned her younger sister, Odette Mukabakomeza, who is an active member of the opposition Rwanda National Congress (RNC).

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