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Lesbian rights campaigner 'held captive' by family after travelling to Congo
Christina Fonthes, from Manchester, travelled to Kinshasa on holiday but had her passport confiscated by her mother, according to friends
Christina Fonthes is being held against her will
by her family in the Democratic Republic of Congo

A British lesbian rights activist is being held against her will by family in the Democratic Republic of Congo who are trying to “cure” her homosexuality, it has been alleged.
Christina Fonthes, a 27-year-old from Manchester, was reportedly on holiday in the capital Kinshasa when her mother confiscated her passport.

According to friends who have publicised her plight online, Ms Fonthes’s mother then took her to an organisation which claims to ‘cure’ people’s sexuality.
Ms Fonthes’s partner, the BBC sports presenter Jessica Creighton, raised the alarm after hearing of the situation, The Independent reported.

She said: “It became apparent that her family were unhappy with her decision to be an out lesbian. They took her passport and [were] refusing to give it back. They have said they want to keep her in Congo and ‘cure her of her gayness’”.

She added Ms Fonthes had managed to get to the British embassy in Kinshasa as she was in fear of her life, but that the embassy then “released” her.
According to Ms Creighton, she was then arrested by police before finally ending up back with her family. “Who knows what they might do?” she added.

Ms Fonthes, who was born in Kinshasa, grew up in London and was a founding member of Rainbow Noir, an LGBT rights group in Manchester.

In her blog, The Musings of a Congolese Lesbian, she gave a glimpse of the possible family issues relating to her sexuality, writing: “Yes, I am Congolese; yes, I am gay; and yes, my family know! Well, most of my family…”.

Latest update from Jessica Creighton Twitter account
Jessica Creighton, Christina's lover.
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