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Fog lights get a 21st century makeover: Smart windscreen display plots the location of other cars in extreme weather conditions
- Researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University have developed a smart heads-up-display for cars
- It can alert drivers to other cars on the road in poor weather conditions
- The display is being tested in a 3D simulation of a BMW 5 Series car
- This allows drivers to navigate recreated motorways in various weather
- It could be used in both civilian and emergency services vehicles in future in thick fog can be rather unnerving, with it being difficult to see other cars in the low visibility conditions.
But a new heads-up-display (HUD) for cars could alleviate these concerns by showing the position of other cars on the windscreen.
The fighter-jet-style display can alert drivers to other cars in dense fog and other extreme weather conditions - and this could help avoid a collision.

The display is being developed at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU).
It is the work of Professor Vassilis Charissis and his team, based in the Virtual Reality and Simulation Laboratory (VRS Lab).


A photorealistic 3D model of a BMW 5 Series car has been developed for accommodating the HUD interface and to enhance the realism of the simulation.
The driving simulator allows the user to drive in clear conditions and thick fog, clearly illustrating the requirement for HUD interfaces to display information which the driver no longer has access to when driving ‘blind’.
More than 150 user trials have already been performed during the evaluation of the different iterations of the innovative HUD interface.
This presents significantly improved response times for a large variety of everyday drivers and reduced the rear collision probability under low visibility by 70 per cent on average.

The display has been developed and evaluated in a 3D driving simulator, which allows ‘drivers’ to navigate a perfectly recreated stretch of the M8, M74 and M80 motorways in a choice of conditions.
One of the options lets the driver tackle the motorways in dense fog, before giving them the chance to drive the same stretch again using the HUD.
When started, the windscreen of the car highlights where other vehicles are on the motorway within a range of 1,300ft (400 metres) and even lets the driver know when it’s safe to change lanes.
It's hoped that the display will eventually be used in the windscreens of real cars to help drivers see other vehicles on the road under low visibility conditions.
Further testing will need to be carried out before the technology is available to the public.

‘Driving is a demanding psychomotor activity which can be significantly hampered by adverse weather conditions,’ said Professor Charissis.
‘Drivers’ spatial and situational awareness suffers in such conditions, as neighbouring vehicles and other objects can be hard to see and avoid.
'Being able to see clearly obstacles on the road while driving, despite visual restrictions such as thick fog, is important to avoid collisions.

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‘[HUDs] are a potential solution to this problem as they can provide the user with information directly in the field of view, allowing the driver to remain focused on the road.
'The HUD system projects crucial information on the windscreen, using augmented digital input to enhance the real environment.
'The presented data can provide notification of road markings, the proximity of neighbouring vehicles and warnings of traffic congestion to enhance human responses and improve driving safety.'
Researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University have developed a smart heads-up-display for cars (shown). It can alert drivers to other cars on the road in poor weather conditions
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