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The Assignment Of The Queen Of Coast - (3) SARDINE & NIGERIA

I’m sending some of you to set up more schools, I need more children in my kingdom, Lucifer has vowed never to allow even children to make it to that place, because we were sent out, we too will deal with them, begin to initiate kids trough their uniform, the water they drink and the foods they eat at school, only those who cover their kids with the blood of the lamb will escape our traps.

The Assignment Of The Queen Of Coast - (3) SARDINES & NIGERIA90% of the schools outside their belongs to us, I will give you enough to get your school fill with the best facilities, those fools who don’t pray before taking their children to school, will get their children initiated.

And as for you kids, get your friends initiated, every one of you must come along with your mother’s womb in the next meeting, deal with anyone who disrespects you, teach them you are not their mate, borrow your friends your books, biros, and pencil, share your foods with them, and get them initiated. Try your best to always touch the head of your friend, and bring down their glory under Amakaka rock, also you all, people have started to discover you through your visible ring, now today, you all will be putting on an invisible black hand gulf, touch babies head, as if you are trying to help them in their mothers back, you nurse, lay hand on the pregnant women womb with your hand gulf, make things hard for humanity, and they will do anything to meet up their needs, even if it's to sin.

There are some foolish people that don’t know how to zip up their mouth with their talkative spirit, they will always discuss their plans with you, always destroy their good plans, I hate joy and happiness.

The Assignment Of The Queen Of Coast - (3) SARDINES & NIGERIASchool girls in United Kingdom

Again I’m sending you into every single company all over the world, you must get there and anything that comes out of the company must be filled with initiation, invoke spells on them, those fools who don’t pray before eating too will be initiated, remember how we got 85,000 ladies initiated through clothes, make even pure water sold on street polluted, Remember how we invoke the spirit of Anger into the life of that young convert through our sardines?

We must get them initiated; no one will be ready for that righteous man coming hahahahahahahahahaha

Now as for you Doctors and Nurse, I know 800,000 Nurse may be too much but I need my people alone to work as Nurse and doctors all over the world, begin to send little children down through childbirth, initiate them through my drugs and injection, encourage more abortion, send more souls down here for training I want to send more of you to Nigeria, because Nigeria is a very dangerous zone for our kingdom, for most of the arrow sent to us were usually sent from there.

The Assignment Of The Queen Of Coast - (3) SARDINES & NIGERIAMost of the arrows are sent to us most especially on Friday when they gathered for prayers. Now Lucifer has given an instruction, since they all meet on Friday to rage war against us, then we must always gather on Thursday to Rage war against them first, shoot them with the arrow of tiredness, such that they will desire to rest on Friday than meeting together for vigils, the fools do not understand the facts that, a day vigil prayers is stronger than 3 days fasting and prayers, once the fools sleep, we shall come and plant weeds into their fields, they will pray and fast for 3 or more days before they will be able to get rid of our weeds, once we get them to sleep, we will continue on our own mission of destruction, by planting a different kind of havoc into their families, and they will get tired of serving that righteous man, for we shall give to them the problem they will be nursing and make them forget about that righteous man, once they forget about him, and his spirit depart from them, don’t give them a second chance, kill them !

Turn into a rat, wall gecko or cockroach to monitor the activities of any homes of Christians, Go to family and cause a quarrel between husband and wife, make the woman looks irritating in the eyes of the husband and also make children rebellious against them. Cause husband to beat their wife, cause wife to disrespect their husband, cause women not to cook for their husband, so that they can go and eat our own demonic foods, sold in the canteen, through them we will initiate them, the fools will focus on the witches in their family hahahahahaha
If the family are Christians, strike them down, there is no more chances to waste, those Nigerian Christians are getting too stubborn, many of our agents who are pastors have been exposed through that girl called Linda, Emmanuel and Oghenetega, so our mission must change now. Those ones they put their hope and trust in, they are the one we are going to face and do everything in our power to get them initiated.

The Assignment Of The Queen Of Coast - (3) SARDINES & NIGERIANow, we have succeeded in using the Boko haram terrorist in weakling some of the Northern parts, little by little, now they have started hiding their light. We will make Christianity once upon a time in Nigeria, just as we have succeeded in Turkey, we shall win. But remember, Aguamaga was struck down by that righteous man, and he was one of our best Agent, he succeeded in many countries but he was strike by that righteous man when he started handling the case of Nigeria, so those of you sent to attack the saints in Nigeria must be careful else you will be struck down too, still if you fail your mission, you will die, I will kill you.

Those wicked Christians have succeeded in Eradicating Ebola out of Nigeria, I hate the Christians in that country, they are always troubling and destroying our work, despite the fact that our own ministries have filled up the country, yet that righteous man keep on bringing people from nowhere to pull down our plans, those fools who called themselves government think they eradicate this disease with their own knowledge and wisdom, they never knew it’s the prayer of the Christians that stopped the disease. Now I have gotten new information from Lucifer our Lord (LOL) we are about to launch an incurable disease into the world most especially Nigeria, this sickness will be contacted through the toilet, only one way will cure the sickness and the only way is taking drugs that will give them the mark of the beast. Now the drugs are ready, but we need to launch the sickness, so I’m sending some of you to go and work as a cleaner in companies, washing the toilet and invoking the words I’ve given you into the WC, once anyone uses the Toilet, they will contact the sickness, except those that plead the blood of that lamb before using the toilet.

The Assignment Of The Queen Of Coast - (3) SARDINES & NIGERIAGo to schools, go to companies, go to hospital, I’m sending you to standing churches, volunteer to be sweeping for the churches, and be sweeping away newcomers foot, so that newcomers will not come again, invoke spirit on the church wall clock to make people come late to church, go everywhere I’ve sent you, and finish up the assignment, we will win hahahahahaha

Don’t be afraid of causing havoc in the church, twist your finger whenever the sermon is going on, then the preachers will be confused and start saying rubbish, shoot arrows of dozing and make people sleep during sermons, they can never overcome you, water down their prayer, it will never go beyond their roof, once they are living in sin. But whenever you go to any church and you found out that a prayer of forgiveness of sin was prayed before the service commence, run for your lives, because all their prayer will be effective and can harm you.

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Because that righteous man will have mercy on them and make their prayer affect you, but whenever they pray, but no prayer of forgiveness of sin was offered, even if they call down fire from heaven, it will never affect you.

Join the Choir as I’ve instructed you earlier, always go to church with miniskirts and skinny clothes, once you succeed in that and the fools who called themselves pastors couldn’t correct you, then join the choir, from there on, other youths in the church will love to copy your styles, and your mode of dressing, like I’ve treated your throat in the lab, your voices will be as sweet as honey, introduce our dancing to invite more demons into the church, yes praise their God with a disco dance, inflate the drummer to beat our beat, now that most of our songs are now sang in churches today, we will come in, we shall win. Like I’ve instructed from now on, every ready made clothes for women must all be skinny from now on, born again or not will be putting on skinny clothes from now on and will seduce men, and become a stumbling stone, for them hahaha hahaha. Never allow genuine preacher in your Radio or T.V Station or else consider your station closed.
We must cause that righteous man to hate them and will destroy them just as he did for them in the wilderness since he wants to send us to the lake of fire, we will go together hahahhahahahahahaha Hahahahaha I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow...

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