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The Queen came full of pride, walking as if she’s the creator of all human.

The Assignment Of The Queen Of Coast - (2) FRIENDS & MARIAGE

She came out with 6 cows, saying these cows are those 6 out of the new members that were sitting down when I was asking you all to stand up, do you all think you can disrespect me as you always disrespect that righteous man whenever you were asked to stand up in church, but will be sitting down?
I will use this as a scapegoat to warn the rest of you. We lack mercy here and will never tolerate disobedience, but if you're willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of my kingdom.

Now, you marketers, these ones should be taken into the market, slaughter and sell their meat to those foolish buyers that never pray before going to buy in the markets.

Now to our discussion, It seems we have started losing the battle, and Lucifer our Lord (LOL) is seriously angry with us, our time is short, and the number the righteous man is waiting for will soon complete, if we keep allowing people into that place, because out of 350,000 souls that died in last 4 months, another 4 has made it to that place, now there is no more time to waste, we must be very active in all our operations.

Most wanted.

This lady on my screen is a most wanted, she is in Uganda, and I’ve just being alerted by the 9-9 realms demons, that 2 of the 4 that made it to heaven were from Uganda through this lady, one from Zambia and the other one was from Nigeria, that wicked country. So I’m sending 22 of you to that lady, two of you should pretend to be newcomer in her street, walk to her house pretending to be a preacher, trying to win her for Christ, she will confess to you that she’s also a born-again Christian, then ask her where she fellowship, tell her you are new in the area, then join her church. As new in the area, she will be your only friend, then begin to extinguish her life little by little through giving gifts, till you finally achieve that, make sure you never give her time to study bible, make sure you always call her whenever she’s about to pray, then start discussing with her till she forgot to pray, extinguish her life.

Let six of you go to her office and be employed there, then start your operation in her office too, two should be her office cleaner, invoke evil spirits into her tables and files, invoke evil spirits of confusion and weary in her offices where her desk is, and two should work as her colleagues, and two should work as her messenger, monitor her to know who are her close friends, then invoke the spirit of hatred among her friends, and caused them to hate her without any reasons, make her boss harsh on her to stir up her anger, let two of you go to her children school and become a teacher, and make sure you get her children initiated with evil spirit, and the remaining two should go to her husband office and make sure you invoke the spirit of anger and bitterness into her husband life, then he will also help us in persecuting her, while the one on the street will be comforting her, you must work on her until you totally quench her spirit and get her backslide, then destroy her, again, don’t attack her now because she’s still on fire, else you will be destroyed out of my research, I have found out that the 80% of these new converts are youth, and many of them are yet to get married, out of the 80%, 30% of these young converts were converted by this lady on my screen, that righteous man has been visiting her and exposing much of our tactics to her, in such that we hardly got her.

She looks so quiet and gentle, but she’s a viper to us. She has destroyed many of our yokes, and set many of our captives free. What annoyed me most is this, many of her converts were Muslims, Catholics and Jehovah witness, and some of them are Buddhists in her office, while 2 of my loyal witch doctor were seized by her. Who does she think she is, what kind of power does she rely on? Many of the Agents I sent to her have being destroyed trough her prayer. She is top on the list, and her matter is already before Lucifer our Lord (LOL) she is the top on the list, whosoever among you get her should consider his/her self the next Margoue.
Now I’m sending you to these new convert because I found out that many of them were youth, but still single, most of them have just graduated while some were almost, now I am sending all of you, 90% of the companies worldwide belongs to us, so you all must now reduce your employment age to 20 and 23 at most, 90% of this young convert age is above 27 already, now we will know if they will reduce their age to get the job or not. Once they lied about their age, kill them immediately, never give them any chance.

We know many of them are yet to get marry, now I am sending you to them, appear to them as a children of light, join their ministry, pray together, sing together. Because of them join the chorister, join the prayer theme because of them for I already know some of them has joined the prayer theme, do everything possible to get closer to them, then start inflating them in dream, each time they see you in dream, another voice will echo in their ears that you are their wife or husband. Make sure you convince them that you are their partner, once they are convinced, comeback and report to me, then I will shoot them with the arrow of sexual urges, after that, keep visiting them at home often and often, and they will end up committing fornication with you, and once that occur, place your tube on them and invoke a snake into their private part, they will always want more, after that, kill them, but for those that have a higher call may escape the first traps, if they escape the first traps, because of the urges arrow on them, they will rush into marriage without praying further, because they won’t be able to hold their body, once you get married with them, destroy them, destroy their ministry as we did in time of Babalola and Wesley, before they realized you were evil, it will be too late for you will be under their shelter already, we will win hahahahahahahaha

I also found out that some of these youth are married already; we must do everything to get them down. Remember I won’t have to remind you again, that 967 of you were grinded into dust in the last meeting as a result of failure in their tasks; remember the grinding machine is always available for whosoever fails in this mission. I have provided for you all you need, you have lacked nothing, I’ve giving you enough wealth, enough power to charm with your eyes, I have given you enough power to charm with you boobs and laps, the cream I give to you, this was made out of Lucifer saliva himself. Once you apply these creams on your face, laps and boobs, everyone who sees you must lust after you. If any of these young converts are weak in prayers, they too will lust after you.

I also found out that, some of these young convert are working already, apply to their company and make sure you are transfer to their department, then get closer to them and destroy their spiritual life, when they get too stubborn for you, make people around them hate them, even down to his/her boss. If possible, get them sacked, always provoke them every time until they fall in sin through anger, once that occur, and they fail to settle quickly, kill them immediately.
Always want to sit beside him if he’s a man, always make sure he keeps seeing your boobs, face and your laps, you will keeps ringing in their memory for the demons will assist you more, inflate your boss to cause him bringing you to work with him as your colleague, he can never avoid seeing you all the time. Once they lust after you, you will received a signal immediately, do not be afraid of going closer to them, talk to them even if they won’t want to, make friend with them even if they don’t want to, your images will be appearing in their memory continuously, till they fall into sin, always looks sexy all the time, always want to get closer to them and be cheap for them till they eventually fall on your laps then kill them immediately.

Never make friends with xtains, but use them as weapon to destroy Christians, don’t mind xtains whenever they pray, remember Christ has being cancel from their life, they are useless to us, make friend with these Christians and do your best to quench their spiritual life. Go to facebook, because I now found out that some truth is now being preached on it, no you to must create your account and also appear as a lamb, use the picture of that righteous man as a profile, so as to mingle with them, then keep updating your status with some inspiration word, preach truth about heaven, they will desire to friend you, once you have many follower, then start introducing little lies in your update, and they will believe you too, since they lack discerning spirit, from then we will get them all, hahahahahaha!

I’m sending you to these new churches founded by that righteous man, I am sending you there as a pastor, I found out that many have started walking on the narrow ways through their teachings, so I will send you there as a pastor in their branches, go to Watchman, go to Holiness revival, go to MFM we will soon get them, go to CAC I found out that the church has started rising again, go to Apostolic faith, mingle with overcomer group, mingle with Ten virgin ministry, I hate Bible Believer Church in Zambia, go to End Time Message Believers Ministry too for we have gotten some of their branches, go to Deeper life, I hate that Deeper life man, we have tried many tactics but couldn’t work, that man has always hindered our pastors sent to his church, whenever our pastor preach lies to members, he destroy their lies trough his Monday bible study preaching, who does he think he is? He has been hindering our work for the past 40years, but still I’m sending you there, I have many agents there already, we are getting closer to the church, 70% of their youth are now our members, for they now desire to dress like us, very soon we will get in there hahahahahahahaha!

The Assignment Of The Queen Of Coast - (2) FRIENDS & MARIAGE

I’m also sending some of you to schools to get more youths initiated, you will have more than enough, borrow them and give them gift all the time, you will be the most brilliant in your class, and people will want to get close to you, but give the Christians more attention, so as to quench their fire. Be careful as I’ve instructed you before, never attack them when their fire is still intact, else you will be destroyed And for those of you lecturers, some of these young convert are in your school already, some of them are doing your course, make sure they never graduated from school, except they agree to bribe you or have intimate relation with you, when the temptation rises, they may agree and dance to your tone, just to graduate, after then kill them trough the invocation mirror.

I have given you screen to be able to identify Christians and xtians, like I’ve told you before, the xtians are those Christ has being canceled from their life while the Christians are those the righteous one still lives in them, I am sending you to Christians not xtains, do everything in your power to quench their sapirtual life, once you get close to them, shoot them with arrows of lukewarm, then they will be too tired to read that book (The Bible) and also too lazy to fast and pray, shoot them the arrows of gift, quench their spiritual life until they are totally doomed. We will get them, no one will stop us.

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I’m sending some of you out because we are now in the period of Ember, and we also need more blood for our bank to celebrate Mars, so I’m sending you out as a bus driver, whenever you get to the bridge of the sea, wheel the bus into the sea, I’m also sending some of you as a fuel tanker driver, whenever you get to a place there is traffics, set up the fire, and cause more fatality and brutalities, the foolish Islamic terrorist has not being sending enough blood to our bank, and we need enough to celebrate Mars. Also you ladies, after applying your cream, make sure you are sitting by the driver sit. If anyone preached in the bus, check your spiritual screen to see if he/she is saved, if she’s not, cause accident, the fools will be tormented more in hell. Fools, trying to save souls while he’s in sin, Whenever you caused the accidents, place your tube on them and draw down their blood into our bank.
As for you pastors, I’m sending you to get me more glory, through laying of hands, the anointing oil I just gave you, is to be used in anointing these fools, that left their holiness preaching church, steal away their glory and send it down to me, As you all know how foolish human are, they desire lies above truth, so give them as they have requested, no mercy should be shown to any of these people, else you will die, turn the bible upside down, tell them it’s not a sin to go to night clubs, tell them it's not a sin to drink alcohol, tell them that righteous man turn water to wine so it’s not a sin, tell them it's just required to not take much of it. Tell them they can smoke, because it’s not in the bible, tell them jewelries are good for women, tell them it’s not a sin not to put on trousers as a lady, because no man can put on women trousers, and beside it’s not in the bible, tell them the lord want them to dress nice, perform different magic in a name of miracle and destroy many souls, we shall win hahahahahahahahaha!

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