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The DR Congo President, Joseph Kabila's Boeing 707 was seized in Lanseria in 2007 where it got refurbished. Seems the aircraft is at Lanseria (South-Africa) for an interior makeover.

DR Congo: President Kabila's Aircraft Scandal 'said it is an inheritance from Dad'

The attorney of the plaintiff had been keeping a watch for any assets of the government, having missed a B727 at Cape Town recently.
Guard are placed on the aircraft and the tower is informed that the Boeing 707 cannot be moved.

DR Congo: President Kabila's Aircraft Scandal 'said it is an inheritance from Dad'The DRC Congo Government well known for corruption, looting, destruction, bribery, exploitation of their mineral rights, thuggery, arms smuggling, warfare and no respect for any form of justice, regarding themselves above the law, disrespecting justice is once again in the news for the attachment of a Boeing 707-138, Registration number: 9Q-CLK by Creditors who fight the ignorance of this corrupt government.

Having obtained a judgement in a independent court of law in RSA, Mr.Rootman and several other Creditors must seek assets of this corrupt government in an attempt to enforce justice against a government that has no respect for the law, it’s a total scandal for this DRC Government to refuse to respect another country’s law but so typical of their ability to proof to the world how rotten their integrity really is.

Mr.Rootman has established from sources that this Boeing 707 is standing at FAA Trimmers at South-Africa`s Lanseria Airport being decorated with gold plated washbasin, toilet and all the shiny rubbish while millions in the DRC Congo lives far beyond the breadline in the poorest conditions, in a country which is nearly if not the richest in minerals but destroyed by the governments corruption and exploitation, Mr.Rootman established that this aircraft belongs to the DRC Government and after his attachment they DRC Government responded by saying the aircraft does not belong to the government but by Joseph Kabila the President of the country himself, his personal aircraft.

In the court case a certain Me. Jaynet D. Kabila opposed Rootman`s attachment claiming with a document dated after Rootman`s attachment known in the DRC as a ,,Proces –Verbal Du Counseil De Famille,, that after six (6) year and eight(8) months after Laurent Desiree Kabila the previous DRC President were assassinated who the Respondent claim the legal owner of the aircraft is, now belongs to Joseph Kabila as they the Kabila children has now decided in his will years after his death.
One cannot help to think this is just another DRC Government falsification and attempt to mislead justice as they are well known for this.

DR Congo: President Kabila's Aircraft Scandal 'said it is an inheritance from Dad'Uncertified photo copied Documents before court were filed by Janynet Kabila`s RSA Lawyers, which is as follow:


Registration : 9Q-CLK Call sign: 9 LK Type: B 707
Owner: Laurent D. Kabila
Transmitters: Collins 618M, 100W, Category:J3E Frequency 2-30MHZ
Collins 618T, 25W, A3E Frequency: 1180-136.0 MHZ

Other equipment: ADF-VOR-ILS-RDR-MTG-GPS-FMS

2: REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE,NO: 1027 Dated 28 May 1998:

Registration: 9Q-CLK
Manufacturer: Boeing Aircraft Company
Aircraft type: 707-138
Serial no: 17702
Name of Owner: M`Zee Laurent Desire` Kabila

3: AIRWORTHINESS CERTIFICATE NO: 1027 Dated 28 May 1998:

Nationality Registration no: 9Q-CLK
Manufacturer: Boeing 707-138
Serial no: 17702
These Certificated were issued by the Zaire/DC Congo Director of Civil Aviation on 28 May 1998 , Mr.Ngekisoha Mayanga

DR Congo: President Kabila's Aircraft Scandal 'said it is an inheritance from Dad'4: A DECLERATION BY THE PRESENT DIRECTOR OF CIVIL AVIATION OF THE DRC CONGO, on a Ministry of Transport letterhead of the DRC Government, ref,no: 416/DAC/TVC/SEC/687/2007 , Dated 19 September 2007:

In this document Mr.Muaka Mvuezolo the Director of Civil Aviation declares that the aircraft 9Q-CLK, Serial number: 17702, Make: Boeing 707-138 was registered on 28 May 1998 certificate no:1027 in the name of Mzee Laurent Desire` Kabila.

It is totally questionable and against all international aircraft safety rules and registration conditions of a aircraft that a aircraft which is registered on a dead persons name can still fly around the world, if so, ..if so its just another clear proof that the DRC Government don’t care at all for any rules or laws, however this aircraft landed at Lanseria Airport in South-Africa without logbooks, without any documentation, or airworthy certificates.

DR Congo: President Kabila's Aircraft Scandal 'said it is an inheritance from Dad'The following questions are raised now:

1: How can RSA Authorities allow this aircraft to land in Lanseria:
2: Why does the aircraft has no Logbooks?
3: Who is paying FAA Trimmers and Ovation?, how much? For what works?
4: Who is paying the Landing Fees?, Dock Fees?, Fuel bill?

This B-707 9Q-CLK was attached about 10 days ago by Frans Rootman who has a judgment against the DRC Government for +/- $20 million. You may recall that Rootman also attached and sold the DRC's Falcon 50 9Q-CPK that was standing at Lanseria in 2004.
The 707 has had an interior makeover, apparently under the project management of Bionic Aviation, headed by an Eastern European who goes by the name of BOTA. I wonder if he will get paid for the work since I understand Rootman has watertight evidence that this aircraft belongs to the DRC Government, and not to Kabila personally, as the DRC claims.

DR Congo: President Kabila's Aircraft Scandal 'said it is an inheritance from Dad'Counsel for the DRC argued the matter should be on the "urgent" role since the attachment is costing King Congo, AKA Joseph Kabila, $25,000 per day in alternative aircraft charter costs. However, before the urgency point could be argued, the court heard that the aircraft had apparently been attached again this morning, on a seperate writ, issued by a company called Executive Outcomes. Bang goes the "urgency" issue since Executive Outcomes' attachment will now have to be argued.

Former owners
    Act 17702 707-138 9Q-CLK Congo - Government 1999-03
    N707SK Skyways 1992-04
    N707KS Skyways 1987-12
    N600JJ Skyways 1987-06-01
    N600JJ Sheikh A.Baroom 1981-06
    N600JJ Trafalgar Leas 1979-10-10
    N600JJ Private (Charlotte Aircraft Corporation) 1978-11-07
    G-AWDG Laker Airways 1969-01-29
    G-AWDG British Eagle 1968-03-15
    VH-EBG Qantas 1959-09-18

DR Congo: President Kabila's Aircraft Scandal 'said it is an inheritance from Dad'The Congolese Government is set to take redelivery of its Presidential Boeing 707-138B (MSN 64 | 9Q-CLK) used by strongman Joseph Kabila for international flights. The aircraft is one of 13 unique aircraft built for Qantas (QF) in 1959 and is also a sister-ship to John Travolta's Boeing 707.

Acquired by the Congo Government in 1998, the aircraft's Congolese registration is derived from the initials of Laurent Kabila, Joseph Kabila's father, who was President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) until his assassination in January 2001.

For its interior refurbishment, the 707 was sent to FAAircraft Interiors & Exteriors at Lanseria, South Africa on 20 August 2007. Refurbishment was completed on 25 September 2007.

According to Lumain van Vuuren, General Manager Admin of FAAircraft, their staff worked around the clock for three weeks on the project. The owner had requested that the aircraft be given a distinctive African theme.

When the aircraft arrived, the cabin was finished in white vinyl and brown fabrics. The roof-lining was replaced with light cream suede, the bulkhead panels were given a snakeskin finish and the seats were recovered in pleated leather. The beige carpet was replaced with dark blue wool carpet and the interior refurbished in two tones of beige. The original gold coloured curtains were replaced with African themed fabrics. Metal fittings in the bathroom were gold-plated.

Mr.Rootman we all support your efforts to fight for justice and standing up against this corrupt DRC Government, I`m sure if you give a good reward for any more information regarding this aircraft, its history and how it ended up in the DRC Government`s hands you will get highly qualified people with integrity that will assist you, this very dangerous rubbish aircraft with spooky papers outdated belonging to a dead man assassinated nearly 7 year ago flying around endangering many people life must be stopped.

DR Congo: President Kabila's Aircraft Scandal 'said it is an inheritance from Dad' DR Congo: President Kabila's Aircraft Scandal 'said it is an inheritance from Dad'

DR Congo: President Kabila's Aircraft Scandal 'said it is an inheritance from Dad'

DR Congo: President Kabila's Aircraft Scandal 'said it is an inheritance from Dad'

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