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Email Suggests Sanders Was Manipulated to Support Hillary

WikiLeaks: Bernie Sanders was paid off to suport H. Clinton

A new email uncovered by WikiLeaks heavily suggests that Brent Budowsky, an ex-legislative director to Congressman Bill Alexander and oddly short-lived political blogger, was involved in an initiative to pay off the Sanders campaign to support Hillary Clinton.

In the email, written to Clinton 2016 campaign chair John Podesta, Budowsky states the following strategy for defeating Sanders:

WikiLeaks: Bernie Sanders was paid off to suport H. Clinton

(scan courtesy of WikiLeaks)

In other words, Budowsky suggested the HRC campaign and the DNC ingratiate Bernie and his supporters by speaking and writing positively about him until the right time… Then pay him off and get him to back Clinton officially so the game can go according to plan. Or at least, that is what is being alleged by those who have read the email.

Libertarian Party chair Nicholas Sarwark called it a “double-cross” on his official Twitter upon reading it:

WikiLeaks: Bernie Sanders was paid off to suport H. Clinton

And mainstream news sources have picked up the leak of Podesta’s gmail account and pulled other gems from it, as well.

The most interesting thing about this email is that it corresponds directly with Budowski’s evidenced behavior regarding the Sanders campaign – he did precsicely what he promised he would do in the email. He wrote and spoke publicly about Sanders until it was the right time to stop doing so. His blog posts on show as much, where we can see Budowski posting pro-Bernie content until May, and then suddenly ceasing his output never to write again during the election cycle.

If the emails are in fact pointing to a “double-cross” or bribe like it appears, this is by far some of the most compelling evidence yet of the Clinton campaign’s string-pulling and underhanded campaign tactics.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was poorly treated by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Leaked emails from Wikileaks have proven the primary campaign was rigged against him.

Throughout the campaign, Sanders attacked the “1 percent” and promised to tax the wealthy, while paying for universal healthcare and free college tuition for all.

But as part of the negotiations with Hillary Clinton, he demanded to be flown in a private jet. Now, if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Sanders and his wife just bought a Summer home worth at least $600,000!

I wonder what Sanders’ grassroots activists think about this?

The Burlington resident last week plopped down nearly $600,000 on a camp in North Hero.

Sanders’ new waterfront crib has four bedrooms and 500 feet of Lake Champlain beachfront on the east side of the island — facing Vermont, not New York. The Bern will keep his home in Burlington and use the new camp seasonally.

“We’ve traveled up to the islands many times over the years — almost always on day trips,” Sanders’ wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, told Seven Days in a written statement. “We’ve been impressed with the North Hero community, eaten at the North Hero House and Shore Acres and have suggested them to friends who were looking for a beautiful place to stay or have dinner. St. Anne’s Shrine in Isle La Motte is my favorite church and it is nearby.”

Last Tuesday, the day of the closing, a relaxed-looking Bernie Sanders posed for a photo at Hero’s Welcome General Store on Route 2. The store, a bit south of his new abode, serves a sandwich called “Feel the Bun” in the senator’s honor. The $6.99 deli delight consists of a “HUGE” homemade roll, sliced turkey, fresh apple chutney, hot pepper relish, lettuce, tomato and provolone cheese.

How many of the struggling Americans who supported Sanders’ campaign could afford a $600,000 house? This is the third property the Sanders also own, in addition to a row house on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and a house in Burlington, VT.

It’s as if Sanders doesn’t really believe in what he’s spent a lifetime preaching. Or, with Sanders reporting more than $70,000 in credit card debt in 2015, perhaps Hillary Clinton was able to buy him off?

What do you think of Bernie Sanders’ expensive vacation home? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.


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