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An African Political Activist Woman says it bluntly and loudly:
"An African Woman is a Criminal"

An African Woman is a Criminal
Antoinette Sassous Nguesso (up left), Olive Lembe Kabila (bottom left), Patience Jonathan and Aishat Buhai (up right), Paul and Jeannette Kagame (middle right), Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma (bottom right), Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (bottom middle)

An African Woman is the one who fosters corruption in Africa and the looting of African state money; she maintains the dictatorial and kleptocratic system in Africa. An African Woman is the prime criminal… An African Woman is an Immoral Human Being through and through”


Yet, the late Senegal’s President Sédar Senghor (1906-1981) revered African Woman in his famous poem “Femme Noire” as a beauté (beauty). But behind that beauté lies a sinister immoral human being who encourages his criminal son and husband to steal African taxpayer money before it is too late. That African Woman is incapable of telling and constraining her criminal son and husband to stop embezzling state money… Her motto is steal steal and steal before it is late … so that I can spend, spend, and spend … She is an immoral Woman, Mum, Wife and Sister. Yet an Igbo adage says “Mother is Supreme”.

In his ground breaking book entitled African Cosmology of the Bantu-Kongo Principle of life and living , the late Kongolese-Congolese Professor Kimbwandende Kai Bunseki Fuku Kiau, reminds Africans and the world that in the famous precolonial Kingdom of Kongo, an individual wealth of all kinds above the accepted standard of necessary goods was considered a crime… for it could only be accumulated without exploiting (wuka/yiba) other members. In that case the wealth itself is called “kimvwâma kia muyeke", wealth that betrays, yekula, the community and its members. The owner of such excessive properties was often killed or hoodooed (lokwa). (p.39)

Video in French

The embezzlement of taxpayer’s money/public fund is one of the most vicious forms of exploiting other members of the community. Its consequences had had and continue to have catastrophic impacts upon Africans. Embezzlement has generated not only endemic poverty and but also the death of million Africans through the deprivation of the most basic necessary goods and services for life (clean drinking water; modern health and sanitation; electricity; high quality education and training; affordable modern shelter; ‘appropriate’ food, appropriate and up to date scientific and technological information; modern physical infrastructures; economic, social and cultural rights, equity before the law for all; accountable government capable of fulfilling its duties and obligations etc.)

It is time to denounce vehemently this immoral class of ndoki African women: grand-mothers, mothers, sisters-in-law, wives, sisters and female cousins of African politicians and civil servants. These African women do have a huge influence upon their sons, husbands and cousins; sadly they refused to exercise the privilege that is embodied in them. They are the prime accomplices. They are nothing more but wicked women and true ndoki creature. The time has come to denounce these ndoki African women. This is why I very much welcomed the video in time that the Nigerian government is about to put forward a proposition to the African Union (AU) to make corruption a crime against humanity. (see: Nigeria wants AU to declare corruption a crime against humanity )

As the Kingdom of Kongo viewed ill wealth as “kimvwâma kia muyeke", wealth that betrays, yekula, the community (Africa) and its members (Africans), let us see whether the AU is a serious and responsible organisation that is determined to root out corruption that has impoverished Africa for more than half of the century. The fight against wealth acquired through corruption must be made a top priority throughout Africa. African electronic passport is a total distraction. Responsible and pragmatic African must stop this stupidity and madness. Asia is a vibrant continent economically, scientifically and technologically with much shared values, yet Asia is not considering an Asian electronic passport.
Presently, what is the gender of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission?
A Woman

BY Nzita NNN
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