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The iconic athlete's final year was photographed as he was surrounded by his family and friends
Ali with his daughter's Laila (left) and Hana (right) at his birthday party in January

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Muhammad Ali 's last year was captured in photos by his family and shared with his adoring fans on Twitter.

The boxing icon , who died on Friday, had endured a 32-year battle with Parkinson's Disease but did not shy away from the limelight as he was pictured by his wife Lonnie on Twitter.

Pictures shared on the account, show the ailing boxing legend as he is surrounded by friends and family while his health declined.
Ali showed his support for the Louisville Cardinals

In one photo, the legendary three-time heavyweight boxing champion poses with his fists up in an iconic stance while he rests in a leather chair, with a faint smile on his face.

Along with the picture, the tweet read: "Once a Louisville Cardinal,always a Louisville Cardinal. Keep Fighting- I've got your back! #IveGotYourBack @gocards"
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This photo was captioned: "Total knock out"

Another taken in November last year, as part of 'no shave today' movement with Carson Daly and Matt Lauer, shows Ali rocking a 'Muhammad Ali' grey sweatshirt while sporting an impressive beard.

The caption read: "Total knock out", as he challenged the others to the 'no shave day'.
Muhammad AliGo Matt Go! @TheTodayShow #RedNoseDay

Showing he still had a great sense of fun and charity, in another snap Ali sported a red nose for Red Nose Day with a huge smile on his face.

But more recent photos show a sharp decline in the boxing legend's health and looking frail but supported by his adoring family.

In January this year, the boxing legend showed signs of ailing health at his birthday celebrations as he sported a thinner frame and could barely keep his eyes open.

Ali, who bragged that he was "the greatest" and then backed up the claim in the ring, died Friday in Phoenix, Arizona. He was 74. ON PAGE 2
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