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Here is a small tutorial about useful and easy to make battery connectors. I recently started to use 18650 cells batteries from old laptops, and I wanted a quick and easy way to connect them. Connectors using magnets were the best option, but I had to figure out how to use them correctly.

by Matlek

Quick description:

One connector is made of 2 magnet that keep the electric wire between them. Then I used hot glue to protect, glue and insulate the connectors.

  • They are really easy to make
  • They are really easy to use
  • No soldering iron is required

They avoid short circuits as the connectors repel each other, and if they attract it is on the insulated parts (as both connectors free the same magnetic pole).
It takes 5 minutes to make (time for the hot glue to harden).

Step 1: Magnets + wire

In the first step I just added the wire between 2 magnets.

Step 2: Plastic support

I have put this on a transparent piece of plastic. I used this piece of plastic to melt the hot glue on it and detach it easily. So make sure the plastic is smooth enough (to detach the hot glue) and heat resistant (at least a minimum so it does not deform).

Then I have added a third magnet below the plastic to stick the magnets above to the same place when I am pouring the hot glue. STEP

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