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Meanwhile, Wee Wee meets Jack, a zany 20-something. She immediately notices he's pale and not completely naked: he's wearing Converse tennis shoes. Wee Wee is turned off.

The pair has a date making body art. They pour paint over one another and Wee Wee can't help but notice that 'Jack is packing.' Still, she can't take her mind off Joe.
All four of the daters later meet up for an intimate, clothed drinks and dinner, and Wee Wee is nervous Jasmine will 'be skinny' or 'have big boobs.' Unfortunately, both her fears are realized.
Before any food is even eaten, Joe and Jasmine are naked in the pool together, as a sad Wee Wee looks on.

While Joe finds Chrissy, who's a professional violinist, 'beautiful,' the pair lacks the spark of the first two dates. It's obvious Jasmine is still on Joe's mind.

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Justice, when he meets Wee Wee, immediately tells her she's 'tiny and pretty' and she says she finds him handsome, but, again, the sparks don't fly as they walk through the jungle.
'His bird was the only bird that I actually saw today,' said Wee Wee of Justice's, ahem, anatomy.
Now all six of the contestants go back to the villa, and drama ensues. Will Joe pick Jasmine over Wee Wee? Will Jasmine hit on Justice? Will any of the other contestants get together once they see each other naked? And, most importantly, will Jack remove his Chuck Taylors?
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For their third and final dates, Joe goes out with Chrissy and Wee Wee meets Justice.

The first couple does high-speed water sports, while the latter goes bird-watching. TO PAGE 1
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