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Jaynet Kabila, the twin sister of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s president and a lawmaker, has an indirect stake in Vodacom Group Ltd.’s operations in the country, documents show, shedding light on the wealth the opposition says has been accumulated by the first family.

Michael J. Kavanagh, Tom Wilson and Franz Wild April 5, 2016 — 10:40 AM

- Jaynet Kabila holds indirect stake through holding companies

- Kabila's indirect stake represents 4.8% shareholding
Joseph and Jaynet Kabila

Kabila owns half of Keratsu Holding Ltd., a company with a 9.6 percent indirect stake in Vodacom Congo Sprl, according to incorporation documents dated December 2011 and obtained by Bloomberg from the companies registry of the South Pacific state of Niue. Two people with knowledge of Vodacom Congo confirmed her shareholding, declining to be identified because her involvement isn’t public knowledge.

Kabila’s indirect stake in the country’s largest mobile-phone operator provides a clue of the network of economic interests that opposition politicians say the presidential family has accumulated since her father seized power in 1997. President Joseph Kabila, who succeeded their father after his assassination in 2001, is barred by the constitution from running for a third term. Opposition leaders say he is delaying elections scheduled for November to hold on to power.
“Members of Kabila’s family have accumulated huge wealth including stakes in companies in offshore tax havens,” opposition leader and lawmaker Martin Fayulu said by phone from Kinshasa, the capital. “We need an urgent inquiry and we need to demand the repatriation of these monies to Congo.”

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Jaynet Kabila wasn’t available at her office in Kinshasa when Bloomberg sought comment during business hours. Congolese government spokesman Lambert Mende said the issue was a private matter unrelated to the government, when asked for comment. 2

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