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Hundreds of British mums 'breast-ironing' their daughters using red-hot rocks, hammers and spatulas

There are now calls for it to be made a criminal offence after revelations about the barbaric ritual emerged this week
In Cameroon, there is a tradition of ironing girls' breasts during puberty

13:49, 10 APR 2016 BY ANTHONY BOND

Hundreds of British mums are "breast-ironing" their daughters using rocks, hammers and spatulas - with an MP now calling for the practice to be made a criminal offence.

It is thought more than 1,000 women across the UK have been subjected to the barbaric ritual.

The sickening act is commonplace in parts of Africa, but those at the ­frontline of child protection say it is also happening in African communities in the UK.

It has now resulted Conservative MP Jake Berry calling for "breast-ironing" to be made a criminal offence.

The ritual involves pounding the breasts as soon as they begin to develop with objects that have been heated over hot coals. Some women use rocks, others hammers and spatulas.
A heated stone is often used in the horrific ritual

One woman, who is remaining anonymous, told Sky News: "They put the spatula on the fire and then they press it on the breast and yes, it hurts.

"Then it goes weak, it's like melting, fat melting and you can feel the breast going back… one of my breasts is bigger than the other one." 2

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