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The mystery woman is seen browsing the aisles of the store before apparently deciding where to do her business

A video has surfaced of a woman apparently caught pooing in a supermarket display.
Gross: A video on YouTube shows a woman appear to poo in a supermarket aisle

22:10, 27 FEB 2016 BY RACHEL BISHOP

The woman is seen casually walking around a store browsing items before the bizarre incident, believed to be in Russia, takes place.

Eventually she seizes her chance, but not before looking around a few times as if to check whether anyone is looking.

Unbelievably she chooses to do the deed right next to another shopper whose back she faces., and into a refrigerated food display.

Looking around again from side to side – still apparently not caring about the women with the pram in front of her - she drops her trousers and goes about her business.

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Disgusting: The woman seems to choose to relieve herself while only a few feet away from another shopper

Once the nearby shopper finally spots her she makes her getaway, as the camera footage, uploaded onto YouTube , shows.

It is unclear where the video was taken - or quite how genuine it is - but since it was posted on Facebook it has been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

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