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Step 2: Making the Battery Pack of Making the Battery Pack

The input voltage for the LED is 34V, but we will do it using the step-up transformer. In order to do that, we need a special battery configuration.

Side note: PVC tends to cut with rough edges. Smooth everything down between steps so nothing tears (ie wires or your skin).

1) Take both 1.25" end caps and drill a hole as close to center as possible that will fit the bolt.

2) On ONLY ONE OF THEM, drill a second hole on top, about half an inch or so away from the first hole. This will be the positive end.

3) Crimp the ring style terminals onto the wires. Easiest to remember of you are using red for + and black for -, but you can just use whatever you have available if need be.

4) Attach the positive ring terminal to the outside of the hole on its end cap using the nut and bolt.

5) Attach the negative ring terminal to the inside of the hole on its end cap using the nut and bolt.

6) Measure and cut your 1.25" PVC pipe to fit the 4 battery converters inside it, fitting snug with the end caps on. On mine, it was 7.5", but it may be slightly different depending on your exact converters.

7) Load the battery converters with your rechargeable AA's, and assemble your new battery casing, with the negative wire inside the tube, poking out of the second hole in the positive end cap. The picture does a better job of describing this.

8) Measure output voltage, it should be in the realm of 14.4V. These batteries were freshly charged so it ran a little higher.

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