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Step 3: Configuring The Main Tube The Main Tube

1) Cut the 2" PVC pipe to about 19". Smooth the edges.

2) Scratch up the flat side of the 40mm heat sink/fan, and scratch up the backside of the LED module.

3) Carefully mix together the JB Weld Epoxy, and mix in a little of the thermal paste. About a teaspoon of epoxy with literally 1-2 drops of thermal paste should do it.

4) Attach the heat sink to the LED module using the mixture of paste, and let sit for 24 hours to fully cure.

Drill a hole in the 2" PVC tube to fit the power switch. (I prefer a lighted switch, because it cuts troubleshooting time in half. If the light does not turn on when you press the switch, you know the problem lies before the switch. If it turns on but the device does not, you know the problem lies after the switch.) .Screw one cleanout plug to a cleanout adapter and spray the inside lightly with the silicone lubricant spray. This will be the battery end of the tube, and the silicone will help make that end easier to put on and remove so you can recharge the batteries using your standard AA recharger.

7) On the other cleanout adapter, drill 4 tiny holes (otherwise it will crack) to match up with the holes on the reflector kit.

8) Set up the step up transformer by attaching the 14.4V battery to the input. Then attach the multimeter to the output, and rotate the screw using the small flathead screwdriver until the output reads 34V.

9) Assemble the electronics using the diagram above. Keep in mind that there is polarity on the LED module, so you need to keep track of which side is positive and which is negative.

Now slide the electronics into the tube, with the battery pack on the end with the cleanout plug, and screw the reflector kit into place. When the batteries run low, you can just take them out of that end to charge them, and the rest of the electronics should never move.

11) Now shine a light, you crazy diamonds! Please feel free to comment with any questions.
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