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ArcaBoard Is a Real Flying Hoverboard And You Can Buy It For £13,500
Arca Space claims to have invented a real-life hoverboard that actually hovers and will be available to buy in 2016.

Yahoo News 31 December 2015

The ArcaBoard takes the form of a large, flat box and enables the rider to hover 1ft off the ground and travel at about 12 miles per hour.

Available in green, blue or beige, the board is powered by 36 ducted fans spinning at 45,000rpm that enable it to lift off the ground.

There are two versions of the board - one for riders weighing up to 80kg and one for people weighing up to 110kg.

The first option can can hover for around six minutes, while the second model can only manage around three.
The board features 36 ducted fans that enable it to hover (Arca Space)

Riders can use the included charger to replenish the battery, with a full charge taking six hours.

Alternatively, a special £3,000 ($4,500) charging base will get the job done in just 35 minutes.

A highly stylised promo video featuring Arca Space founder Dumitru Popescu riding the board on a deserted road doesn’t appear to include the original audio so there’s no way to tell how loud the board might be when it’s running.

The aerospace company claims that the board can hover over any terrain, including water.

The company has started taking pre-orders for the new board, with shipping due to begin in April 2016.

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