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Step 6: Beer Can Chicken
Picture of Beer Can Chicken

A classic macho chicken dish that may not actually confer many culinary advantages, here's a recipe for preparing roast chicken with a beer inside.

The idea is that the beer evaporates into the meat, making the chicken moist and tender perhaps with a beery note to the flavor. What the folks at Amazing Ribs discovered, however, was that neither was true. The exterior heat doesn't penetrate to the center to the point that the beer gets vaporized, and the inks on the outside of the can aren't necessarily food-safe.

That said, it looks really cool and probably won't kill you.

Step 7: Convert beer can to bowl or ashtray
Picture of Convert beer can to bowl or ashtray

Turn a beer can into a work of art with some masking tape, scissors, and a bit of free time. (Bandaids or gloves might be helpful, too.)

Cut along the sides of the can to create a series of strips of aluminum. Then bend each piece down and across its neighbor to create a starburst basket pattern that's perfect for ashes.

Step 8: Make a can stove

Picture of Make a can stove
A classic from 2006, this project was project of the month way back in the day.

With 2 empty beer cans (and one full one), a razor blade, a ruler, and a book, you can make a compact portable alcohol stove.

When you're schlepping your bindle across the rails, this convenient little number will help you warm up a can of beans (depending on your fuel source.)

Step 9: Make a dixie cup dispenser
Picture of Make a dixie cup dispenser

Dixie cups (or disposable paper cups) were once the solution for kids getting sick from drinking from a communal dish with a tin dipper.

Store yours in fratboy style with a converted tallboy. Just cut off the top, polish it up, and add dabs of silicone to the interior of the opening to catch each cup just enough so they emerge individually.

Check out the patent photo and story of their invention here.

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