Post link 04 June 2014, 5:22
One person was killed and another was injured in a shooting incident at Cape Town's international airport on Wednesday, an official said. shooting happened in an airport restaurant on a mezzanine floor around 6pm (4pm GMT) and there was no disruption to flight operations.
News channel eNCA said on its website that police reported at least three other people were injured in the shooting in an airport restaurant on Wednesday. The news website carries a photograph of a man lying on the floor with blood around his head.
Police would not comment on media reports that a man shot his girlfriend in a domestic incident before turning the gun on himself.
"The shooter jumped over the Ocean Basket sushi bar and chased one of the ladies working at the back," News24 quoted witness William Scott as saying.

"She ran though the side door, just past where I was sitting, and the man following behind her pulled out his pistol.
"He stopped her right in front of the Ocean Basket entrance when he then shot her and followed to shoot himself in the head. Before I left the lady who was shot was still alive," he said.
South Africa is one of the most violent countries in the world.


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