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How secret group Freemasons has kept grip on Britain for 200 years

The names of royalty, statesmen, judges, military top brass, bishops and police have been found in a secret archive

Freemason: Winston Churchill making his famous V for Victory sign, 1942

17:59, 23 NOV 2015 BY RICHARD SMITH

The huge influence Freemasons had in ruling British society for almost 200 years has finally been revealed.

The names of royalty, statesmen, judges, military top brass, bishops and police have been found in a secret archive which lists two million Freemasons.

The masonic records - from 1733 to 1923 - are set to be made available to the public for the first time.

They show Kings Edward VII, Edward VIII and George VI were all Freemasons.

Military leaders the Duke of Wellington and Lord Kitchener were also members of the clandestine group founded by a group of men in a London coffee house in 1717.
Oscar Wilde

Britain’s wartime Premier Sir Winston Churchill was also a Freemason along with literary greats Rudyard Kipling, Oscar Wilde and Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Freemason legend: Captain Robert Falcon Scott
Freemason: Douglas Jardine

Others include music legends Gilbert and Sullivan, explorers Ernest Shackleton and Captain Robert Scott, England cricket captain Douglas Jardine and scientist Sir Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin.
Rudyard Joseph Kipling

More than 5,500 police officers, thousands of military figures, 170 judges, 169 MPs, 16 bishops and an Indian prince are listed in the Freemasons archive to be made public by family history website Ancestry.
A member: Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington
Also a member: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Businessman Harry Selfridge is named in the archive along with social reformer Thomas Barnardo, famous bridge builder Thomas Telford and thousands of engineers who made Britain a world industrial power.
Key member: Alexander Fleming

The extent to which Freemasons wielded power over the British Empire may lead to a re-examination of two centuries of our history.
Big role: William Schwenck Gilbert

The all-male group was originally formed to enable “men of integrity” to get together while avoiding issues of religion and politics.
Freemason: Arthur Sullivan

They adopted the compass, square and apron used in stonemasonry as symbols for the group.
Key member: Lord Kitchener, Secretary of State at the start of World War One

Publication of the archive comes after initiatives by the Freemasons in recent decades to make the organisation more open.


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