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When it comes to news headlines regarding the music industry and the Illuminati, hip hop and rap are often at the center of controversy. This is namely because there is a handful of prosperous, well-known celebrities representing these musical genres, who often become entangled in conspiracy theories and secret society rumors. you’re not familiar, Chingy was a fairly popular rapper a few years ago with the hits like Right Thurr, Holidae Inn (sic), and One Call Away. So fast forward from the early 2000′s to today and he’s apparently been studying up on various esoteric traditions.

Chingy goes on to talk about how people are just miseducated about the Illuminati and how the cult’s meanings aren’t so bad, when one looks deeper into them. He later adds that he was never really into church and how his curiosity about religion ultimately led him to discover all these things, that are related by the planets.

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He said on his twitter page " 666 is the number of the universe 6 scores on 6. While it's the same number in man. The sun is a nucleus and the planets are electrons. Its thurr for you to see it jus research. You can see it for yourself. #FulldekkFulloslphy "
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