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This smart light bulb will help you go to sleep faster and wake up more smoothly

ELLEN HOFFMAN, Aug. 5, 2015, 3:40 PM

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You might not always get your recommended eight hours per night, but you recognize the value of sleep — more specifically, a good night's sleep.

Unfortunately, there are a number of physical factors that can interfere with your rest, such as temperature, noise, and brightness. If you are uncomfortable with your bedroom's current settings — perhaps it's too hot or not quiet or dark enough — you probably have a difficult time dozing off at night.

There is, however, a smart light bulb that can help you correct the nuisances affecting your sleep: Amazon's new marketplace for startups, Launchpad, has the Holî SleepCompanion available for $100.

The smart bulb is the innovation of French lighting manufacturer, Holî, and it purports to enhance the quality of your sleep through different types of LEDs that act on the level of melatonin in the body (to help you go to sleep faster and wake up smoother) and an app that analyzes your sleep patterns and gives you actionable insights.

There are a number of smart bulbs available for purchase that can change color based on your preference, but SleepCompanion's intuitiveness for sleep, specifically, may be worth a try if hitting the hay doesn't always come easy for you.

Holî SleepCompanion, $99.99, available at Amazon.

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