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Some photos need no caption. Serge Ibaka on the cover of ESPN magazine’s “Body Issue” is one of those images. But for the sake of the other athletes, we will note that Venus Williams, Jamie Anderson, Michael Phelps, Prince Fielder and Marshawn Lynch also have cover images for the same issue. the annual issue the editors choose 22 athletes to shoot and interview about their sport of choice and challenges. Ibaka talks about his recent injuries and motivation to push forward as the power forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder. While he doesn’t talk about his love life with Keri Hilson, he does get very personal.
On his dad pushing him to play basketball: “In Africa, when you’re a kid, every kid loves to play soccer, and I loved playing soccer. But my dad didn’t want me playing soccer. He would joke, ‘C’mon, man, you’re too tall!’ Then he promised me, ‘If you start playing basketball, I’m going to give you my jersey.’ That’s one of my favorite things from my dad is his old jersey. He played with No. 9, too. That’s where I get my number from.”
On his injury not slowing him down: “Being from the Congo and going through what I went through when I was young and I make it to the NBA? I can do this easy. That’s where I got my motivation to keep believing that I would be back.”
On his lust-worthy six pack: “[Tall people] have long, long muscles, so to get a six-pack to come out is hard. I’ve been working on my six-pack for 10 years now. It’s tough.”
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