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This picture showing white police officer with black youth is warming hearts across the world

16:14, 1 AUGUST 2015 BY GLEN JAMES

The snap has been shared thousands of times on Facebook after it was uploaded to 'make others feel good'
Heart-warming: Officer Charlie Casserly was pictured helping out a youngster

A police officer on the verge of retirement has touched the hearts of thousands of people across the globe after a picture emerged of him helping a young stranger to tie a tie.

Officer Charlie Casserly, from Jersey City, USA, pulled over in his patrol car to help the teen when he asked for help.

According to one witness, the cop spent 30 minutes showing the youngster how to fix his tie - first by putting it around his own collar and then helping the boy tie it properly around his own.

The image was snapped on July 9 but has resurfaced to celebrate the retirement of Officer Casserly on Thursday after 36 years of service.

Speaking to the New Jersey Journal, Lashambi B. Moore, who took the photograph and posted it to Facebook, said: "Charlie pulled the patrol car over, got out and spent nearly a half an hour teaching the young man how to tie a tie.

"I only posted it to make others feel good because it made me feel good."

The officer has received wide praise for his thoughtful nature.

Carmine Disbrow, president of the Jersey City Police Officers' Benevolent Association, added: "Casserly's actions are representative of the department.

"This picture represents 40 years of Charlie Casserly not just of being a law enforcement officer, but also of being a role model, a leader, and a mentor."

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